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Google Pixel 3a Review: A for Ace!

Pixel 3a. A for Affordable. A for Average. A for Acceptable. A for Ace camera.

Pixel 3a (Unlocked):
Pixel 3a XL (Unlocked):

Pixel 3a Impressions:

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  1. Let me know when google finally manages to backup/restore all app data flawlessly and is not losing home screen icons anymore. They are still failing to do the simplest basic requirements in 2019. So i am sitting here with a brand new pixel 3a and i'm totally mad at it because the most basic stuff is STILL not working, such as transfering ALL (not half!) my data from Nexus 5x to Pixel 3a. Tried both google drive backup as well as data transfer by cable. Both failing miserably. You must be kiddin me, Google!! I'm pissed and seriously considering to sell that brand new phone and get an iphone. Not an apple fan either, but at least Apple can do a 1 click backup/restore that *actually works*.

  2. If I wasn't in the iOS ecosystem, I'd seriously consider this phone because of it's price point and the two selling points for me is the stock android software plus camera. The in itself is worth the price tag. There are flagships out there that don't even compare to the software on the budget 3A. I'm considering this phone as a secondary cheap phone to carry around my primary iPhone, hmm.

  3. Hi my name is nati I’m a high school student I like to do photography and art A lot of times I took the pictures with my phone because I don’t have a camera And my phone is iPhone four I can’t afford to buy a new phone And can you please help me out Thank you !

  4. It's funny no one seems to mention one of the most obvious advantages of the Pixel line which is the best possible Android experience coming straight from the source. This means fast updates and bug fixes. If the only downside is flashy specs and the fact that it's not designed to look and feel like jewelry, then I'm sold.

  5. Ok that magnet paper trick was cool, or I'm just easily impressed. I temp switched to an iphone and it's multitasking between apps is far superior to Android. But still sometimes miss Android.

  6. Seems I'm going to make a jump from my HTC One M9 to this Google Pixel 3a
    Wonder how different it will be lol (the M9 is on Android OS 7.0 and wont update, wonder what Qualcomm thing it has)

  7. Just bought the 3a XL and love it. The quick OS updates are a HUGE feature for me. I probably will never again buy a phone that doesn't have quick OS updates.

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