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GMG Reviews – Aeronautica Imperialis: Wings of Vengeance by Games Workshop

It’s time for another GMG Review! Today I’m going through the boxed set contents for Games Workshop’s Quickstart Starter Set for their new Air Combat Board Game: Aeronautica Imperialis.

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  1. This one seems like a misfire to me – beautiful models, but pretty lacking in terms of the other content. To play the game the most enjoyable way (cards, board, bombing etc) becomes a very pricey proposition. Maybe it's a Forgeworld thing, because I had a similar reaction to Adeptus Titanicus…

  2. We played on the big cardboard map. It changes the game completely. Imperium has no chance on the small map but if you get midrange on the large map you can delete orks no problem…

  3. Dude there are 5 Elevation bands! Orks can only get to 4 but Imperium can sit at 5. It’s a really big deal if you get Initiative and they can outmaneuver you. You go to 5 and even if they catch you at close range, it’s 6 to hit and you can come out unscathed. Imperium needs to pick their battles like that.

  4. Have to say this game is becoming more and more of a let down. It smacks of a major cash grab in that you almost have to buy the cards, the board, and the campaign book along with the box set to get some replay ability. It's pretty lame how sparse the set is. As much as GW makes absolutely fantastic models, I would have preferred this as more of an x-wing style with prebuilt or ETB kits only to get it done quickly and start playing. So this has turned out to be a hard pass for me, sadly.

  5. Thanks for the review. I just ordered my copy: I am an underworlds fanatic and at this point I can hardly resist a game on a grid. Quick question: where did you get that generic pluck foam for the box? I have several boxes that I could repurpose with some of that…

  6. I still have all my old Aeronautica Books. Honestly, I would probably just play the new models with the old rules. Hex grids are anathema to me. I don't even like table size restrictions. I regularly play huge wargames on 6×8 foot tables.

  7. This game is a money milking vehicle and I for one refuse to partake. The poster map is honestly pathetic and it has fold marks from new so prepare for it to fall apart after a month. The lack of plane and upgrade cards, the rules mentioning stuff thats not in the box and/or is not out yet are both GW spitting in players face. The design of the orc aircraft is poor as well. They look like actual planes, zero character or slapped together look to them. X-wing looks like a much more robust game regarding to the rules. It's a hard pass.

  8. I said in your battle report video that I was gonna wait until after launch weekend before I decided if id buy into the game…
    …Well the box now sitting on my table says otherwise -_-

    I just love aerial combat games and couldnt resist!

  9. I seem to remember that the old tailing rules included that for each craft your opponent tailed, you had to tell them something about the manoeuvre it was making once the card (now a token) was put down next to the plane the following turn.

    I think it was the direction they it was going to travel ie left, right or straight ahead. This represented part of the advantage a pilot has when they get behind an opponent.

    This, from the let's plays and reviews I have seen, is one thing that is missing in the new version but hasn't been commented on.

  10. Come on GW! Playing on a paper mat sucks, this isn't HeroClix! No data cards, no complete rules, and still pretty pricey.

    Hopefully, one day, they get it all right.

  11. If I'm reading this right, here's the breakdown.
    If I get the Starter Set, I still need to get the cards for my faction and the rynn's world board and campaign book, and the ground assets to get the full experience of the game. That's 234.00USD and gives me planes, convenient assets, tokens, and a superfluous 'starter rulebook' and poster mats that I' won't use over the larger board mats.

    If I forego the starter set and buy the same number of planes for just one faction (let's say imperial), I'll need… A set of Thunderbolts (which gives me 2 extra), a set of marauder bombers, and all of the above, on top of the token sheet. All of that comes out at 236.50USD. So for two dollars more I get two extra imperial planes, forego the ork planes, and don't get the pointless poster mats or the pointless rulebook.

    There's almost no point in buying it when you can get your side's stuff and all the things you need to play for only 2 dollars more. Then, all your buddy needs to do is spend 107 to get the Ork cards, fighter jets and bombers (and gets twice the amount of ork planes for that) and you can play together at the full size of the game.

    It's a bit different than splitting 45 dollars with your friend, but there's no need to re-buy anything, so there's less waste, and you dive in with more planes. What the heck where they thinking???

  12. I don't like this move to hex grid based games, as I like to be able to build or use the table I want and I like the freedom of the classic miniatures wargames. Other than that, the game looks interesting, but expensive for what you get. Even more so than with most GW products.

  13. I am super-excited about this game, but I have to admit the value of the starter was a little dissapointing – not enough dice, paper mat instead of cardstock, no cards (even a starter pack of a few would have been nice), only one scenario, no ground objectives for the bombers, no color/paint guide of famous squadrons.

  14. Most interesting thing about this game is that it tells us Adeptus Titanicus will eventually be growing air rules of some kind along with an Ork gargant expansion, assuming they continue to support their epic scale games at all.

  15. Thanks for the overview, Ash. I'm as surprised by how much feels missing. I'm reminded a little of Adeptus Titanicus' starter set in that it similarly felt lacking. But where Aeronautical Imperalis is lacking in game-reference tools, Titanicus hurt for miniatures and options to make the initial game play feel compelling.

  16. Well when the Helllblades and Helltalons come out I'm in! I don't think most people read the Guant Ghost book Guns of Tanith. They should and Double Eagle! It's just a matter of time before the return of Epic!

  17. I printed up round 0-9 wound counters for use instead of the 1-8 tokens for movement. Thinking that might be easier and similar to having an x-wing movement dial. I do feel like I should have skipped the starter set and just got the book, cards, board, and models I wanted. I can 3d print all the tokens and make custom movement dials….

  18. Another GW game that can get expensive quickly. Played a game at my local GW yesterday and its fun from the basic £55 box, but then you need to get the 2 card packs, the ground items…ect to get the full gaming experience and that works out pricey by the end.

  19. Thanks for the review! I am sure 3rd party vendors will be making different size mats with hex grids shortly. Also Deep Cut Studios has a print o mat option where you can add a hex grid to any mat they make, though currently the only "aerial" options they have are WWII themed.

  20. That rulebook is missing all the ground target rules, ace pilot rules, etc. The Rynn's World campaign book actually contains the full games rules, plus the campaign rules/background, the full army lists plus 6 scenarios, and the quick ref/movement card. It's the actual core rulebook and not just a campaign pack.

    The map is too small for the printed scenarios. There are not enough tokens for more planes, seeing as the token pack comes with 350 of them! You pretty much need the cards anyways for the pilots and for reference.

    The models are great but you don't actually get full units for the Imperial forces without buying more planes anyways (unless I'm mistaken from looking at blurry rulebooks).

     I really think this is one of the worst starter sets GW have done in a long while because if you want to move beyond the training wheels bone-stock game, you have to rebuy everything but the planes. The components even baffle Ash at multiple points in this review.

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