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Girl's Day (Yura, Minah) Running Man ep 162 Cuts

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biased cuts XD but seriously Yura doesn’t have as much screen time as Minah. I can hear Yura’s infamous laughter throughout the whole episode but she’s not in the screen :/
more cuts can be found here:
the cuts from SBS are kind of… dunno but there are some interactions – okay just plain talking XD between Minah and Naeun/ Dasom that are not shown.
Girl’s Day and Yoo Jaesuk practice:
currently banned in Korea and Japan… omg please don’t let my video flop anymore T_T


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  1. I miss the old kpop where female and male idol easily interact with each other without any toxic comment from over-jealousy fans. You made them popular but you not own their life. Just let your idol dating freely like you do 😭

  2. Why can’t kpop idols be like this anymore? It used to be fun and shows brought idols together and let them have fun in a safe environment but nowadays they’re too cautious for the sake of rumors smh

  3. 아이돌의제왕편 개인적으로 럼닝맨최고의편 정말재밌게봤고ㅋㅋ멤버들도 정말재밌게놀다가는거같음 ㅋㅋ뭔가 옛날추억나는것도있고 암튼최고의편중하나

  4. Those time male and female group can join show together and can play close with each other and still okay. But nowadays kpop even 2 famous male group join show with female group, fans tend to get upset mad and start to attack.

  5. Love how easy and comfortable it was for kpop groups girl/boy groups was easy for them to come together in a show like this and get along without feeling like they will cause a rumor and to play fierce with both opposite gender while having fun

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