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Gator Carrying Case for iMac 27 – Demo and Review

My demo and Review of the Gator Carrying Case Bag for the 27″ iMac. I’ve used it for about 3 weeks as I post this video. I like the carry bag a lot – especially for the upright orientation of the Mac, and the roominess of the zippered pockets. It’s not as fast to load or unload as the iLugger I’ve been using, but I think it provides a nice level of protection, and it looks very professional as well. I bought mine from Amazon. Here’s the link to the product –


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  1. I looked it up on Amazon Australia right after watching your video and the cost is $566 AUD … I nearly fell off my chair. Then I found your Amazon US link – roughly half the price. Crazy! Based on the images on Amazon it seems you can leave the imac in the bag and use it with the front flap down – opposite to the way you have it facing. Now I just need a 2km extension cord and I can work at my local park 🙂

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