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Garmin vivoactive 4 vs 3 | Fitness Smartwatch Review (NEW)

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Garmin vivoactive 4 vs 3 | Fitness Smartwatch Review (NEW). In this video, Jeff compares the new Garmin vivoactive 4 vs vivoactive 3 fitness watch. These are to incredibly popular GPS watches. Thanks for watching this Garmin smartwatch review.

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  1. I find the reviews are just a bit to general, helpful but not helpful. When I'm deciding on one of these since they are activity trackers…how accurate are they? How accurate is the gps while running? How accurate is the heart rate during strength workout, cardio etc. These are the important metrics I want to know as if it is completely wrong than it is pointless if I"m going to buy one of these. I still come out scratching my head on which to buy.

  2. My Fitbit versa dies within 1 day and I’ve already had it replaced once. Looking for a new watch that lets me add music without bringing phone and also interested in GPS feature which Fitbit never had

  3. I have had the Vivoactive 3 for 2 years (non music version). I love it, as a fitness tracker it's great. As s runner though not as much. The main thing is the altitude, really bad, below sea level a lot. Garmin replaced my first one and the second one is exactly the same. I am going to get a forerunner but still keep this one.

  4. Techy Agent’s review of this model is really good. According to him the heart rate tracking for lifting weights is on par with the Apple watch which is saying a lot.

  5. I'm about to trade my fenix 5 for either a Garmin Venu or a galaxy active 2, I do some mountain biking and like the idea of the fall detector on the galaxy but the Venu looks better for what I need, any advice?

  6. Just ordered a "new-refurbished" vivoactive 3 from Garmin. It was 140$. I couldn't stomach spending 200$ more for a few features.

    Switching over from my clunky and not very fitness friendly gear s3 frontier. Excited to get it on my wrist!

  7. Reasonable review, but the pulse ox was not intended for mountain climbers. Firstly it tracks sleep for signs of sleep apnea, secondly it is another indicator of general health. Just google it.

  8. Hi Jeff,
    U nailed it man ! Thank you ! Thank you ! I’ve had the Vivoactive 3 for a little over a year and love it ! I did have some interest in upgrading but, I was trying to figure out the WHY ? Your video just helped me so much ! Now my wife and I can use the extra $100.00 4 nice bottles of wine to celebrate how I’ve saved ! LOL!

  9. I currently have the Vivoactive 3 and for retail price the 4 it's not worth it. I might get one in 1-2 years, though. Main reasons:

    1. More accurate heart rate sensor.
    2. Smaller size (4S) (I carry it all the time and use it for sleep tracking, so a little smaller is better).
    3. 2 Buttons vs one button and a "touch bar", that not only doesn't work great but even is a drawback, since you can't grab the watch without activating it.
    4. Hopefully little faster operation.
    5. I actually use functions like timer, stopwatch, alarm and it's nice that the "quick menu" (long press of button) has 10 instead of 8 slots.
    6. I might even give the on-screen workouts a shot. Probably not though. But I am pretty impressed by the animation – not the graphical quality (which is absolutely good enough) but by the detail conveyed (position of arms, legs, torso etc.). Seems pretty accurate.

  10. Great review! Something that you missed out which may matter for some, is that the new 4 tracks your HR during a swim whereas my 3 doesn't. Is that worth the upgrade? Maybe not but my 3 is coming to the end of its life 😆

  11. It looks good. I like the new metal bezel style more than the previous one. As for updated features, still added only bells and whistles. I hope some day change this proprietary connection to USB type C. Will there be comparison with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2? I remember the times when you compared the accuracy of different heart rate sensors of various manufacturers. Will it be the case?

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