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  1. Mors Wesford is the most badass character ever in the books or show, Mors single handedly kills hundreds and hundreds of enemies sometimes simultaneously. Jaime, Arthur Dayne, Robert, The Mountain, Jon Snow, Night King or Azor Ahai have no shot against Mors.

  2. just got this game, sad that before i even play it I watch a bad review on it by IGN.
    BTW, The Walking Dead season 1 was awesome!! I got everyone except ducks father to help me in the end.

  3. I enjoyed this game overall. With better graphics, sound, and more open world game play, in other words a larger budget, it could have been an absolute RPG masterpiece.

  4. I remember buying this from gamestop by a mistake thinking it was the telltale game i returned it the next day now I'm thinking of picking it up on pc and give it a chance

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