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Game of Thrones Series Full Review! | WATCHING THRONES

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Full Review! | WATCHING THRONES
Hosted by Roth Cornet & Spencer Gilbert
Featuring Lon Harris
Produced by Billy Patterson

Editor-in-Chief: Roth Cornet
Managing Editor: Eric Goldman
Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Tech Director: Josh “JTE” Tapia
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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  2. Having an elective monarchy historically actually does more harm than good. The Holy Roman Empire (medieval Germany) had an elective monarchy and it was precisely the times when a stable dynasty died out that the great houses would war each other for the throne because there simply was no established way to come up with a successor. They eventually formalized the whole procedure that it became a quasi hereditary system again once the Habsburgs were in power, also the kingship became way less relevant by that time.

  3. If the Night King was the hero trying to stop the 3 eyed raven from taking power because he knew the 3 eyed raven was a dangerous leader… But heroes don't win in this world.

  4. I think people are so hung up on bran being given the title of king that we may have missed the intent. Bran is not the king, Tyrion is. Bran names Tyrion hand as his first and only official act. Tyrion objects. Bran says you will pay for your mistakes by serving the realm forever. Bran enters the small council later then leaves and says they can take care of it all. Though i do think "evil bran" theory is fun, i dont think that was the intent. We never get any hint that bran plans to use his authority. Tyrion became arguably the most important and most used character of the show. Under no believable circumstance could he be named king, but if bran had known he was the best man for the job all along, the only way to get Tyrion to truely rule, is to take thrown himself then delegate rule to Tyrion. If you take Bran at his word that he doesn't want any titles i think this was the intent. Also Tyrion grew the most as a leader in this final episode, he saw his family die amd many innocent die and mourned the horrors he had to experience. he saw dany go full hitler and took a stand knowing he was sacrificing his own life for what he believed in. These were intentional beats to show the viewer that the one who we one timed called the smartest character in westeros had also learned compassion and the ability to stand up instead of lurk in the darkness. My 3.5 cents anyway

  5. I would say the "Wheel" got definitely broken, just not the whole one we were thinking off, which, isn't yet broken in our own real world, so seems like a stretch. But the Wheel that was broken is Monarchy by Heritage. No more, the Throne is mine by birthright. No more completely unfit Kings that are Kings because there parents were. Having a vote between the high lords is at least a step up from that, a small one, but a step up. Because those Lords will not elect someone that is mad, completely unfit because he is an idiot, or a 13 year old child with sadistic tendencies. There is still gonna be a game of thrones, power struggles and so on, but that exists to this day in our own world, it just changes face.

  6. "I'm okay, I'm okay with the way it ended" ….then panel spends the next 40mins explaining the issues and why it was NOT okay. Stop trying to be so polite and give your opinion, ITS OKAY!!

  7. …you know, the show might have turned out more interestingly if they wrote the story so that Bran had actually died to the Night King. Things would have had to turn out totally differently if that had happened.

  8. You think there might’ve been a Lloyd’s of Westerlands to underwrite the Golden Company, in case of catastrophic loss?! Surely, Cersei was clever enough to carry insurance.

  9. I have to admit I am not very happy with the ending of Watching Thrones. I mean I guess it is a coherent ending and everything makes sense but it just felt rush, I mean come one, I would have gladly seen one or two more Watching Thrones seasons.

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