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  1. I feel sorry for Emilia Clarke. She had this really good storyline and development for all those years, and then bang, one episode before the finale, Dany crazy-evil now. She could have had years of build-up, growing slowly in cruelty and paranoia, slowly losing her kindness and generosity… and no, we don't get that.

    3:14 I agree. Isn't he off possessing animals and traveling through time and being all cosmic? Who wants a ruler who spends most of every day astrally-projecting instead of, you know, doing stuff with people? If you can't have the obvious choice of Jon Snow, then make Sam king. Sure he's not particularly suited for it, being a major medieval nerd, but hey, at least he's present and he's connected to the people around him. He'd make a better figurehead because at least he's likable.

    Even someone like Arya would make a better monarch, and she would probably be a terrible queen because it's not who she is and what she does or what her important formative years have been all about, all shadows and secrets and assassinations. But she'd still be better than Bran. I really think they selected him to be king at the end because they just wanted to, groan, subvert expectations. Whenever someone does that deliberately, it turns out shitty. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Rian Punkinhead.

    3:48 I think you mean omniscient. Omnipotent means he could do anything, which means he wouldn't need a wheelchair no more.

    And you make a great comparison with Dr. Manhattan, that sort of beyond-petty-mortal-concernsness. Which you can't have if you're king, because then the petty mortal concerns are what you're supposed to be dealing with. It's all in the job description. Kings who don't get into petty mortal concerns tend to not last very long and things don't go well for their countries.

    6:21 Well, he did come up with a cure for grayscale, which is significant. It's not a NICE cure, but it is a cure, and that's a big thing. It's like if you went back to medieval times and cured leprosy, except even more so because leprosy isn't as contagious as grayscale.

    10:17 Good point. Unless he thought Drogon was gonna come back and accuse him somehow, why admit it? Why not just let everybody search for Daenarys for a few days, knowing they'd never find her, and then say, "Guys, her dragon is gone too, I think she just flaked and left. So I'll be king now."? Maybe he's supposed to have admitted it out of guilt, but if that was the case, I'd be expecting Tyrion to be kicking him viciously in the shins for being such an idiot.

    Know what's worst? This was all for nothing. This show was rushed and punched full of holes in the final lap because D&D wanted to get away from it so they could have their brand new shiny Star Wars trilogy, and then as soon as people got pissed about the GOT finale, Lucasfilm dropped them like it dropped Josh Trank and Colin Trevorrow. So they ruined GOT for something they immediately lost.

  2. so many loose ends and inconsistensies silly death of jamey, silly death of dragon, unsolved mysteries like why night walkers were created, whats the relation of the walkers and bran, the prophesy

  3. That Bran impression made me laugh… and want to cry at the same time. I feel be really would say shutting out half a kingdom means less people to feed and call that fate. It reminds of of an anime called Attack on Titan, when the government sent their citizens in a certain kingdom/area into a futile battle so the food rations would do for those who remained in safety and survived. Just sick. And unfeeling. And that suits Bran – he really became an unlikeable character for me, from the way he sacrificed Hodor and other friends and other things makes me think he’s not self-sacrificing, therefore selfish and conniving.

  4. Danny going full first order just straight up felt out of character. Her actions were against everything she’s ever talked about. Her going mad was a bad story arch. She was always the one to not be her father, the coin that landed on the right side as opposed to her brother, protected of the innocent and the one that refused to be queen of the ashes. EVERYONE who has advised her or worked with her in the past would have been disappointed in her. She was supposed to break the wheel of cruel rulers, not become the cruelest of them all. I don’t think 3 whole seasons could have changed my mind in that.

  5. Worst final season in history. If a show ever has a bad finale or final season in the next 30 years, they will compare it Game of Thrones, and it will most likely come up lacking.

  6. I've never watch GOT. It's one of those shows I was curious about for years though due to how much people raved about, but never found the time to really get into it. Now I'm just entertained hearing fans talk about the last few seasons.

  7. There is a lot of stuff I love about this season and I probably prefer it to Season 7 and maybe 5. But, if they focused on the Night King the whole season and then have season 9 be about Dany being drunk with power. That would have been a good move. The 1st half of the season at Winterfell was amazing for me(aside from the Night King’s death) and I liked the idea of Dany going crazy, but they should have given her at least half of season 9 to have that decent into “Madness” like her father. I thought the endings for the surviving characters were fitting ( a bit rushed for Sam and Bronn) but the Stark siblings all had good, bittersweet endings and I loved that final shot. Not a perfect finale and certainly not a perfect season, but I absolutely love the shit out of this show and am so happy it exists.

  8. You make some good points but the what happened to Jon Snow still to this day pisses me off that was bull shit what they did to him
    It really did feel rushed from episode one till three spot on after that it was just her yeah sounds like a good idea OK I will make that up and let’s let’s not even we don’t need the author of these books in them anymore we’re just gonna do this it was so rushed and always such a terrible ending to such a great story that had so much Lauren could go anywhere and could continue two I even see three seasons

  9. I have never watched a tv series that finished so badly that I will never watch it again. That is from someone who loved the books and the first 6 seasons of the show.

  10. 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐if u dont hate season 8 and dont see the cluster fuck…ur a blind idiot who knows nothing about cinema and i dont care about anything u say or who u are…u are stupid 👎🏻

  11. Can we just acknowledge the fact that you just called a kid in a wheelchair “omnipotent” lmao I get that he can enter other bodies but I don’t think you quite understand the definition of omnipotence lmao

  12. If the north leaves the union and it becomes the six kingdoms then how can Bran become king? He is from a completely separate kingdom now. He is ruling over a foreign land and everyones just cool with it? Same with Jon couldn't he just go to winterfell and be outside the norths jurisdiction.

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