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  1. The characters potential were wasted. Daenerys losing her sanity since Jon's reveal, Jon's purpose and problem, Jaime's reversion, Tyrion's cleverness, Bran's powers and use for either politics or night kings defeat, Sansa's growth, Arya's training and many others should have been explored. At least a couple of seasons more.

  2. I wouldn't say the knight king was an after thought cause he was used exactly like thanos or voldemort where u would hear about them a lot of people didn't believe enough to care then in the finale you actually see what the build up was for but game of thrones did nothing honestly

  3. Danny’s lead in to being the mad queen works better in the books, up to this point.
    Fucking d&d just rushed everything so much.
    Can’t wait for The Winds of Winter.

  4. You can tell a person who looks at the package as a whole when it comes to filmmaking vs. someone who is focused on the writing, based on how they react to GoT season 8. If they say "Yeah, it felt kinda rushed and unsatisfying," then they definitely are taking the whole package into account. If they absolutely hate it, then they're focused on the writing.

    Incidentally, I think it was a bit shitty of you to imply that the people who seriously hate season 8 do so because they have a long term investment. I watched it in much the same way as you and the downward spikes in quality a) after season 4, b) after season 6 and finally c) after season 7 were SO noticeable to me. I had been largely unspoiled too. But just WOW did it ever get worse in big steps.

  5. They knew what to do, they just didn’t care about them, not only it was rushed but it was cramped into a tiny trash box of a season, GRRM said that the only way to make this perfect was if it lasted 10-12 seasons, why? Because with GoT the Characters usually chose their paths, but in the last couple of seasons the ending choses everyones character arcs ending, bcuz the dick heads writers wanted to finish this as soon as possible so they can concentrate on Star Wars, so they just thought of an ending(something that even GRRM who was developing this entire saga for decades didn’t know how it will exactly end) and rushing is what fucked this up…

  6. I binge watched the whole lot too… they ruined the end by turning Danny evil in an instant. I just found every episode in the last season hard to watch, like it was too dark and hard to see.

  7. I was shattered by the ending. All the set up. ..for nothing. Cersi was given one of the worst ending in TV history. Strong woman, who killed the whole way through, slashing her way to her goal. She was intelligent, strong and vicious. Yet she just stopped and let a CASTLE SIMPLY KILL HER. No. I'm so gutted by what they did.

  8. I’m glad everyone has seen what happens when these two mediocre fucks actually have to WRITE something. We praised them for as long as we did cause they were good at adapting someone else’s well written work and we confused that for having actually writing talent.

    I read the first book back in ‘98; my uncle was a huge fantasy nerd he had hundreds of those kinds of books. I’m in no way gate-keeping; I’m just saying that from having only the books as my main exposure to this series for the longest time, I was enthralled with the lore. I took the writing for granted and started to expect such good writing from this series.

    I’m happy these soggy ketchup sandwiches posing as writers finally got the ACTUAL recognition they deserved for tainting an almost flawless series (books were nearly flawless, show not so much)

  9. This is only about the story/narrative/writing
    Season 1-4: pretty good
    Season 5: trash
    Season 6: half trash half okay
    Season 7: Iirc, this started okay for 2 episodes and then quickly devolved into trash
    Season 8: Sweet merciful god wtf

  10. Episode 4 was the first time I caught myself looking at my phone to see how much longer the episode would take. I was just incredibly disappointed in the writing, when the last episode ended I hardly felt anything. It was over and I was kind of relieved. The longer I thought about this season the angrier I got about the writing, the plotholes, the destruction of all character development. Maybe someday I will have the heart and rewatch it.

  11. Rhaegal should have been shot down out of no where by a wounded Euron, who evades danys first sweep the view of her second child falling as a fireball out of the sky onto possibly a third of the city completely destroying it dany close up after flying down to him some commoner tries killing her and she the. Realizes that she must burn the rest down.

    I NE of many fixes to this fast forwarded finale series of. What could have been. the best show to ever have been adapted to the screen from beginning to end not beginning to middle BTW dude stop praising the writers then next sen tree nce you literally debunk their awful awful total incompetent writing

  12. GOT should have ended like this:

    Season 8 – Dedicated to just the White Walkers and the army of the dead

    Season 9 – Dealing with Cersei and the Golden Company

    Season 10 – Danny’s decent into madness

  13. I actually did exactly what u did but I stopped near the end of season 7 because I felt it was getting boring, now I feel like rewatching it but I didn’t like the first season that much I only really got into the show in the second season but I dunno maybe I’ll watch it again

    Also I feel the same as u about tv shows and that’s the reason I put it off for years as well

    Also how did ur wife watch the show without u since u said that ur wife kept telling u to watch it how come u never sat down with her while she watched it

  14. If you beinged watched GOT you dont get an opinion. Imagine being 19 when you first see arya stark as a preteen then 8 years later seeing her bare ass in a half naked sex. Also Dany being a great person for 8 year sans 60 minutes.

  15. The writers said at the very beginning they wanted to have between 70 and 80 episodes total and not stretch it out artificially. They did that with 73 episodes so people need to stop claiming season 8 was rushed. Sure, they could have had a few more episodes but I'm grateful they finished it the way they did. It's not stretched out like Walking Dead just for more money, meandering along with no rhyme or reason. GOT went out, perhaps imperfectly, but with a satisfying bang. Dany and Jon both screwed up and deserved their fate.

  16. I'm still mad at how this ended. Even if George R R Martin said this was how he planned it..LAME. I kept listening to The Night We Met on repeat thinking of Jon going back into the woods at the end😢

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