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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 – Angry Review

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AngryJoe, Alex & Erica review the Series Finale, and incredible letdown that not even I was prepared for. I should have been, but wasn’t. What a waste of a perfectly good season and ending. I can’t think of a more rushed -lets-get-out-of-here- job from any writers for such a huge property.

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  1. Guys you know her madness is most likely ( in story a sense) insane because of her inbred family tree watch a video by film theory to confirm this reasoning

  2. Looking back at it In my opinion I hated how easily the Knight King was killed. They built him up so much for him to die that way. Also everything felt rushed & fast paced. I felt like they legit could’ve made 3 more seasons and were better off doing it that way lol. This season was almost like 3 seasons being put into 1 season. There was so much shit that I wanted to know about.

  3. I’m upset that Danny went bad. I get that they were trying to set her up as being the mad queen, but her urges felt more like learning experience on how to be a better ruler than her father. It felt so out of character for her to be burning women and children. ALL of her advisors and friends that died would NOT have been cool with what happened. I could kind of see Grey Worm going that way, but the whole thing was just horrible

  4. They should of made a whole season dedicated to her going to the dark side or at least 3-4 episodes instead of just 1-2. And the night walkers should have been the final boss. After winning against kings landing they should have all joined forces to fight the night walkers.

  5. I don't know why the continuously of the drinking from their glasses annoyed me but it did and I don't know why. It's like every 30 seconds they take a drink and before they can even get it all down the throat they start talking lol. I have serious problems or maybe they do

  6. In the words of Jeremy Jahns

    Season 1-4: Awesometacular
    Season 5: A good time. No alcohol required
    Season 6: Worth buying on Blu-ray
    Season 7: Probably a better time if you're drunk
    Season 8 Episodes 1-3: Not gonna remember it in T -minus 1 day. (Yep, already forgot)
    Season 8 Episodes 4-6: Dogshit

  7. The fact that we watched the Tower of the Hand was utterly obliterated in the previous episode yet its still perfectly intact in this episode? I mean they must be godly builders to have rebuilt it in record time and still make it look exactly the same before. Incredible.

  8. Cersei should have been the mad queen and when she didn’t miscarry they couldn’t have her still be evil. She had to die whimpering instead of burning the city to the ground like she promised.

  9. The one idea that I like that at the end with Jon and Freefolks aheading to the true North they footsteps of the White Walkers and the also the blade of new grass.

  10. after finishing season 1, if u told me danny was gonna fly to kings landing on her dragons and burn it down i would have said ur goddamn right. I would have quit right there if i knew the buildup would amount to this much negligence and mediocrity. Lets give it rest so double R can put out the book.

  11. Here’s my 2 cents

    It sucked. But if they took two more seasons to flesh out all the plot lines and character arcs, with some help from grrm, it would have been fine, even if it ended up roughly the same place.

  12. What fucking enrages me THE MOST is that both George RR Martin and HBO THEMSELVES wanted not only more episodes this season, but they begged D&D to make the series longer. Both HBO and George wanted this show to go on 10 seasons. Now, I don't know if there was enough material left to go on for 4 more seasons after season 6, but at the very least they could have made season 7 and 8 full length seasons. The fact that D&D rushed the final 2 seasons when there wasen't any reason to nor were they mandated to by HBO, is just fucking disgusting. IT showed how much they truly cared. I feel like after they ran out of book material they panicked, they knew they weren't the best writers so they wanted to get it down as fast as possible. To try and take away from the fact they're shit writers they put a ton more money into the CGI budget to try and distract us, but it didn't fucking work.

    I think the show should have been 10 full length seasons. Season 8 could have been entirely about the War with the White Walkers , and then season 9 could have been about the war with Cersei and also Dany starting descend into madness. And then season 10 be about Dany a full blown tyrant with Jon and everyone else trying to figure out what to do, which finally culminates in Jon killing her. MAybe have season 10 as 15 episodes, because the first 10 episodes be about Dany's madness etc etc, and then the last 5 episodes can sort of act as an epilogue tot he story, where they spend quality time truly wrapping up everyone's plot in a meaningful way. So 10 full seasons and then a kind of epilogue. I think that would have been a perfect amount to end such a massive and grand series such as Game of Thrones.

  13. The break up between the North and Southern kingdom completely doesnt make any sense whatsoever. What happened to the North "not bending the knee to no king unless the kings name is stark"? Bran is a true blood Stark, a true son of Eddard. He was born and raised in the North his entire life, I don't even think he's ever left the North the entire series besides the last season. He's a true Northern King. Isn't that the EXACT person the North would want on the Iron Throne? It doesn't make any fucking sense.

  14. D&D admitted they had no idea what they were doing during the filming and the entire GoT was a learning process. They said they didn’t care about the themes of the books and just adapted it scene to scene. They’re a bunch of hacks

  15. I was going through a relationship which on the verge of a break up and that had already killed half of me. Then game of thrones season 8 happened and killed the rest of me

    (PS I know this doesn't make any sense but season 8 didn't make sense either)

  16. If the audience read 1984 and Animal Farm by Orwell, they wouldn't be so surprised. Every messianic figure is a dictator, it's just a matter of time for them to show their real faces. At the end everyone realizes it, and invents a parliament thats the point of the show. Sorry for the english, im not a native.

  17. Honestly Danerys' "change" wasn't really a change. Before she had people she cared about stopping her from doing what she's been doing. Now Jorah, Missandei, Viserion, Rhaegal, Drogo, her son, are all gone. Nothing left to lose so she's done caring and doing whatever she wants now. Anyone else remeber how she threatened to burn down Qarth when they didn't bow to her whim? No one? Or how she just went, "Oh! Slave master?! TO THE CROSS WITH YOU!" not even caring if the master was actually evil or not? The witch she literally burnt at the stake for "betraying her" when she was naive and didn't know what the hell she was getting into with the blood magic? How she locked two people in a vault to die? When she kind of took pleasure watching her brother get molten gold poured on his head, when she more then likely could have stopped Drogo from doing it, but didn't even when Jorah was telling her its not a good idea? She's been a mad queen since the start, just with people she cared about she was more open to other options in an effort to look out for them, not that they're gone, she doesn't care anymore and does what she wants again.

  18. Bronn really likes coins.
    He doesn't understand how loans or taxes work, but he likes coins. Totally qualified.

    I'm not even going to talk about the destruction of Daenerys. I can't get that depressed again.

  19. Damn after watching season 7 I was so hiped about this one… And than I watched this… Everything that made game of thrones game of thrones is gone. Every single plot is ruined. Everything that was built during all these years ended in such a disappointing way. Tyrion's speech didn't make any fucking sense and how the fuck did bran become the bloody king. I won't even talk about the night's king and how daenerys was portrayed here. This season literally depressed me. Thanks d&d go ruin star wars now you pieces of shit.

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