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Game of Thrones S6E04 Explained

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4, “Book of the Stranger”, explained and analysed – what’s the beef between Melisandre and Davos and Brienne? Who is Yohn Royce? Is Tyrion making the right play in Meereen? What’s up with Jorah’s greyscale? What’s the High Sparrow up to in King’s Landing? What’s up with Theon? Seriously, can Ramsay please stop killing people now? And what’s the meaning of Daenerys’ Dothraki barbecue?


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  1. I thought Theon was sent to live with the Starks by his own father… he even says a couple times that Ned Stark was more of a father than his own could ever be.

  2. oh fucking hell
    WHY ????
    Dany is NOT mad..jesus…and even if she was always a dragon queen she started off as naive, then strong but still trying to compromise out of fear…she must go back and see herself her dragons as one in the same :courage and fierceness AKA fire and blood…so that she must go forward as a leader without letting fear of her ancestory chain her down…

  3. "Perhaps Dany is going to be an invader instead of saviour"

    If only… sadly the series seems to have taken the route where she is the rightful ruler and thus her cause is just and all must bend knee (or burn to death) when she makes the world a better place.

  4. Maybe you guys can help me. Kind of confused about the immune to fire thing. On the one hand, the beginning of the last chapter of Dance says she's got some burns on her hands. But on p. 932 (Kindle edition at least), we get the following as she reflects upon Drogon's birth: "The fire burned away my hair, but elsewise it did not touch me. It had been the same in Daznak's Pit." The second sentence seems to me to contradict the beginning of the chapter. So, could it be that while she's not wholly inflammable, she's able to withstand it a lot more? Or maybe she's immune to dragon fire but not regular fire?

  5. Just watch, with the way George RR Martin is, it'll be neither of them. It's setting them up to be the saviours so clearly that it's going to turn out to be Tyrion xD Classic RRMartin, lol

    Also, maybe he was just being a troll when he said it was a one time thing – with the fire and Daeny? I mean, you expect him to give spoilers? Until now it's been released in novels, but from now on is uncharted territory so it wouldn't be very out of character for him to be deceptive – like so many of his characters 😛

    Idea: Maybe Daeny must be in the mind-est of "the Dragon" to withstand extreme heat – like a dragon
    When we've seen her, at least in the show, withstand extreme temperatures it's always when showing extreme bravery and fearlessness, or finding the will to use her fear to empower her.


    Also, are we really not going to see Arya's worg ability? x.x I was so disappointed. I was bad and specifically read ahead her and Daeny's chapters from where the show left off xD
    (I do plan to actually read them all, haha)

  6. " So Sansa, how have you been?"
    "I was physically and emotionally abused by several people whom I could not attack, how bout you?"
    "I saw the dead rise and be used by ice demons to attack the living. Also was brutally murdered."

  7. I haven't watched later in the series, but I don't think there will be an alliance with dani and jon, I think there will be a war between them. GRRM isn't the kind of person to have all the good characters in a happy alliance who can win any war they want. one of them will die, for good.

  8. I'm sure I read somewhere that GRRM would rather have left dany out of the majority of the books after A Game of Thrones only jumping back occasionally. So most of danys arc is largely irrelevant. But then again I'm not 100% sure that was what I read and I cant find a quote only so I may be misremembering.

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