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  1. I've never seen it. I've just heard a lot of positive hype about what a great show it is . Plus if any show hits 8 seasons well there must of been a lot of cash being gambled on its successes. So I bought all 8 seasons yesterday and I haven't started because I'm afraid I won't like it and I've flushed out $150. to have the entire collection. So the question is should I start watching it in many little spots of free time or put a weekend aside and watch it all in one go. God I hope I love it. I enjoyed Vikings, Brittany , the Crown and kingdoms as well as a love for history. Is it based on truth or purely fiction. No , I don't want to see magic or dragons. It needs to be reasonably close to real history or I'm going to yawn. I hate fiction. I will take the truth only. Fantasy shows are a big waste of time. What do you think. A marathon session or break it up like tel3vision did and watch 1-2 episodes a week.

  2. Here I am 8 seasons later reminiscing🥺. I can’t let it go… probably because the finale was so unsatisfying. Fuck those D&D writers for trying to wrap it all up prematurely over the course of 2 short seasons. All that said, it definitely was an incredible show… most of the time 😡

  3. It's hilarious to come back here all these years later lol when it's literally 4 days before Season 8 Episode 3, (supposed to be the, "biggest battle ever put to film," coming up this Sunday,) and watch these early reviews again.👍

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