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Game of Thrones – Full Series Review

Here’s the short version of my review: Game of Thrones season 8 was a much worse experience than season 2

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  1. you forget the part when they talked about 'the war'for a couple seasons,litterly everyone waited for that big LOTR war. the imp went to battle get nocked out instantly 5sec later woke up oh your dad came he won gg

  2. The worst part is that not only D@D suck at writing but the reason, why season 8 is so rushed is that first, they get bored of it or rather didn't know what to do next and second(actually more importantly) they´ve got an offer from Disney so they fuck off…R.R. Martin expected 13 seasons!!! But because of the reasons mentioned earlier, they run off of this project and finish it. Instead, they could give it to other producers to finish this serial properly, which, for reasons mentioned earlier, would everyone understood and nothing of this would happen…BUT no…

  3. Your argument seems to mainly revolve around 'why?', 'why didn't they do this thing i wanted…?' / 'why didn't this theory i endorsed come to light…?'.
    So many people argued that the showrunners lost their skill for shock, surprise and subversion, yet everyone also complains that they didn't do what they expected they'd do.

    * The gods didn't play a massive part because they're gods, most of them probably don't exist, and the only one that shows the most presence – The Lord Of Light – did do a lot (revive heroes, create the wall of fire, create a shadow baby etc). I know it's fantasy, but i'd like to think there is some sense of restrained reality, us as humans have been around for thousands of years and not one person can conclusively proof the existence of gods, so why should all of a sudden all the gods of Westeros have a very real and very present part to play.

    * I don't get the argument that nobody died in the Battle of Winterfell. If you actually tally up the numbers a vast amount of more characters die than any other battle. Take the top 5 battles: Battle of Blackwater – 0 prominent characters die. Hardhome – 0 prominent characters die. Battle of the Bastards – 1 prominent character dies, Ramsey (joined by smaller characters like Rickon and Wun Wun). Battle of Castle Black – 1 prominent character dies, Ygritte. (joined by smallers characers like Grenn and Pyp). Battle of Winterfell – 4 prominent characters die, Jorah, Theon, Night King and Melisandre (joined by smaller characters like Edd, Viserion, Lyanna and Beric (arguably quite a big character this season)).

    * I don't see the whole raped and flogged through the street as quick character development. I see the raped seen as a real demonstration of how cruel Ramsey is, and how utterly bleak and detestable Sansa and Theon's situation is. It was a hard scene to watch, but GoT has never shy'd away from the idea of rape and touchy subjects related to sex. It wasn't like it was glorifying it, if anything I felt it was a brutal reminder of how detestable such an action was, it's something that should never happen to anyone and can severely damage someone for life. Instead you got an army of easy offended viewers turning a blind eye to a fairly serious issue. People who state that Sansa's development into a hardened and calculated woman was purely due to that scene clearly haven't been paying attention to her story arc what so ever. What her time with Ramsey achieved was being that tipping point for a multitude of reasons, yet everyone points at that one scene as says 'Oh Sansa's now no longer this innocent little girl because of that…', instead of looking at someone who's gone through some of the hardest trials and tribulations only to be locked in a marriage with a psychopath creating this poignant period in her arc where everything comes to a head and she understandably changes and evolves. The rape isn't a glorified deux ex machina, it's a horrible disgusting life altering event that would change even the strongest willed person.

    Don't get me wrong you do make good points as well, but I just feel it occasionally falls into the category of popular unfleshed out opinions that I hear repeated again and again. Rather than a subjective look at why those decisions were made, the thematic, stylised and woven subtext and how the story differed from the multitude of theory crafting that was honestly never going to be on the money.
    And I'm not without critique, while I liked a majority of the story beats the last season was to short, 5 episodes on White Walkers and 5 episodes on the battle for the throne would've given so much time for airing out plot points. Subtly was a bit wonky – Euron was way over the top and just obnoxious/Jon and Daenary's relationship was a little rushed and unfleshed out/Rhaegal dying suddenly was pretty jarring (even though I though the shock factor was fairly consistent with GoT – I don't mention Daenary's turn, because to me it felt like the longest thread running throughout the whole series. I've been rewatching from the beginning and she always resorted to brash, aggressive and inculcated outbursts (Gates of Qarth, Crucifying the masters, Burning the Khals), only difference is we'd normally be routing for her and she'd normally have someone to advise her to take another option, or compromise, but by the end she's lost everything and is unwilling to listen to that same advise.

    Bit of a long one, but just wanted to put it out as I'd like to see a bit more open conversation revolving around a few more varied opinions.

  4. UBER that part where you said what if john was cremated deadass 1 for 1 what i thought should of happened when we got that Targarian dropped on us surely instead of dropping the ball with their no source material dumb fkery they just got George R R Martin down some amphetamines so he can smash out the last books
    Love ya work brother

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