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Game of Thrones – Complete Series Angry Review

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AngryJoe, Alex & Erica complete their Last Watch and review Game of Thrones as a Series whole, compare best and worst seasons and give their final thoughts!

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  1. Seasons 1-4 are absolute Gemstones of story
    Seasons 5 and 6 had flaws but overall still worthy and good to watch
    Seasons 7 and 8 however are betrayals and I don’t even consider them canon

  2. Seasons 1-4 has ruined tv for me now, I swear. I compare everyshow to it cuz those seasons r literally the absolute best. Dialogue set pieces action acting cinematography. It's all just PERFECT. Season 5 is a good season, not as good the previous 2 seasons, it still very good. Hardhome and the death of jon were gripping cuz I didnt c it coming. Also I binged watched the 1st 3 seasons. Which I do think really matters cuz how u consume a show whether weekly where its drawn out and u can lose interest as to binging which allows for u to consume more quicker (obviously) but I feel binging is the way to go u become more invested. Anyways season 6 is very do able but it's where the show kinda gets weird. Season 7 is solid til the end where the show and dialogue has started to go off the rails. Season 8 is where the whole fucking train derails going over a cliff and reaching terminal velocity cuz the show just wham.
    Fucking sucks.
    From the dialogue action acting even the set pieces were well below the shows average. And it's a shame cuz those 5 seasons r amazing. U cant even rewatch this show anymore cuz every SINGLE thing that was set up MEANS NOTHING
    I dont want to b king
    Y do u think I came all this way
    Wtf u just said omg fuck it nevermind

  3. I love the Discworld movies, they are so amazing – The Hogfather is just brilliant, The Colour of Magic and Going Postal are great as well, I would not put Game of Thrones above that.

  4. The main character is House Stark (and possibly House Lannister), not Westeros. Might be Westeros in the books, but the show pretty much ignores half of the Westeros.

  5. The book in the show shouldn't have been called "A Song Of Ice And Fire" because the show wasn't about a song of ice and fire… That's the books we have IRL. The show was leading up to the ice and fire, but didn't give the ice and fire, the book should have been called "A Game of Thrones" because that's what the show was about. They couldn't even get that right! XD

  6. My favorite fantasy franchises are as follows:
    1. The Elder Scrolls
    1. Tolkien's Legendarium
    2. Star Wars
    TES and Tolkien are equal to me, so they're both #1.

  7. Joe I would like to know how you would have liked to see the series finsh up to get the 10/10 Score. I haven't seen the final season yet but think i know what happens.

  8. Wtf is wrong with y’all? Season 2 is epic. Seasons 1-4 are flawless because of the source material that is the song of ice and fire series. Season 5 they fucked up but still kept game of thrones in spirit like before and season 6 was mostly boring but made worth it by the last 2 episodes and then season 7 and 8 suck balls

  9. 8/10 is pretty nice, I'd honestly give it a 5/10 because fucking up the ending is just about the biggest mistake you can make when writing a story or script. If the ending doesn't satisfy then the entire experience suffers. What usually sticks with people is the beginning, the end and a few of the interesting tidbits inbetween (this part is a little more subjective). There's a reason why almost any successful fiction has incredibly entizing introductions while tending to wrap it up nicely with the most expensive ribbon they could find.

    Edit: To be more specific, the failure here is the sudden change of script style and story focus. When you have a show running for a few years and you then suddenly decide to change the narrative tone and the tempo of the storytelling, then you'll have a problem.

  10. Yeah look I wasn't a big fan of game of thrones because I watch it and it was never to my tasted like season 1 to 4. Were slow and I was only interested in the battles and I read the books and I enjoyed it at first but it started to become tedious and boring and once lady stoneheart was in I stopped reading the books like I'm probably in the minority that didn't enjoy the first 4 seasons of game of thrones but its my opinion okay.

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