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Galaxy Fold One Week Review – Folding Up

Galaxy Fold One Week Review. Folding up! Thanks for your understanding, I am fine and will explain everything soon. #GalaxyFold

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  1. Got my first Droids. So exciting. ZTE folder and my dream, the Mi Max 3 in blue. Thanks for all u do. Running iOS skins on my Mi Max3 and it's a beauty. My iPhone X looks so old and small next to it. It does make my 6s feel great in hand tho 🙋. IR blaster is amazing as is having a built-in FM which people think is an app. Hopefully, that live stream isn't what has caused you personal issues.

  2. So nice that u dont put back ur sim card in Iphone again. I liked this moment , hope Samsung will impress even more next year and they ll prove like the best company who make the innovations in 202*.

  3. Good review Frankie! And I agree, this phone opens new possibilities. Expensive, yes, but in a few years it will go to 8-900$. Still a lot of money but it delivers!

  4. I wish someone would make a folding phone with a 7", or slighly larger, 16.9 screen ratio, that would fold down like the Motorola one. It would be like a Mi Max 3 while open but much more portable while closed

  5. Sorry bro for what you're going through but we won't give up, We will be there to support you, Hope everything normalizes soon though i miss u…. Great Love from Kampala Uganda 🇺🇬🇺🇬

  6. I can’t wait until the foldable iPhone.

    Wow this would be great for watching Netflix on the train.

    I’m concerned for the future of this channel now, which is a real shame because I think that it’s great.

  7. Truly an impressive piece of tech. This does look and feel of the future smart phones. Hopefully something like it will be made available soon at a more reasonable price. 👍👍
    Be safe buddy, hope you pull through what ever problems your are facing. Love your content as always. ✌️✌️

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