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Galaxy Fit vs Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 4 vs Galaxy Fit e 1,000 Step Test!

Today we are doing a step test with 4 of the latest fitness trackers: The Samsung Galaxy Fit, Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Huawei Honor Band 4, and Samsung Galaxy Fit e. I am curious to see how accurate these fitness bands are when it comes to step tracking because I do receive complaints from users about getting inaccurate step reads in day to day usage. To test this, we will be doing two 1,000 step tests (one running and one walking) to determine the accuracy of these fitness trackers.
After testing, I found that all of these trackers have extremely accurate step tracking when walking and running, providing 99% or higher accuracy when combining the data from both tests. The Galaxy Fit e did provide an exact 1,000 step read on the running test but I think any of these trackers would be perfectly capable of providing a similar result.
The take away from this video is that when walking or running, all steps will register accurately, but other activities in our lives may incorrectly register as steps too, and inflate our final numbers. So if you are looking for exact step counts throughout your days, it would be safe to assume that at least 100-200 of your steps were picked up from other activities.
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  1. Hey does anyone know what the icon is on the Galaxy Fit above the time at 1:48? It’s visible elsewhere in the video. I have no idea what it’s supposed to be indicating.

  2. It would be interesting to get a video to see how much steps each band picks up during sleep or doing other activities while sitting (like eating, driving, using a computer)

  3. Do they count steps while riding in a car or a bus?
    My mi band 3 would count thousands of steps while I'm in a car while mi phone with google fit counts only walking and running

  4. Amazing videos, can any generous individual here please give me a smartphone, +26777055477 (whatsapp) All the way in Botswana, Africa.

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