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Galaxy Buds vs Airpods 2 v Xiaomi AirDots Pro v Huawei Honor Flypods | Best Wireless Earphones 2019?

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Airpods 2 vs Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs Huawei Honor Flypods & Honor Flypods Lite! | Best / top truly completely wireless bluetooth earphones / earbuds 2019? Don’t want over the ear headphones? These 5 might be a great solution for you!
➡️Honor Flypods:
➡️Honor Flypods Lite:
➡️Xiaomi Airdots Pro:
Coupon Code: ABAirdotsPro, Price after coupon: $68.59 ( $32 off )
➡️Samsung Galaxy Buds:
➡️Apple Airpods (2):
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  1. 👇👇Comment Below: Which company makes the best accessories? 👇👇

    ➡️Honor Flypods:
    ➡️Honor Flypods Lite:
    ➡️Xiaomi Airdots Pro:
    Coupon Code: ABAirdotsPro, Price after coupon: $68.59 ( $32 off )
    ➡️Samsung Galaxy Buds:
    ➡️Apple Airpods (2):

  2. i did buy the xiaomi air dots first gen, the sound quality actualy surprised me and for 25 $ they are a steal, well worth the money (first gen has physical buttons )

  3. I'm using Samsung level u. it's noise cancelling is very gud. im using it for calls while bike riding with heavy noise.other person will hear my voice very clearly. is any of these gives the same mic quality? Please answer

  4. This is awesome and very helpful thanks. Do you happen to know if there is any difference between the Huawei Freebuds 2 & the Honor Flypods beyond colour , price and the bone ID tech in the pro versions?

  5. Hello
    I really enjoy your videos , thanks for all of them
    I know you already made a review on the xiaomi earplug , but I just got one and I’m having problem in how to use it as everything comes in Chinese
    I’d like to know for ex how to increase/decrease volume and also to skip a a song or go back
    If you could give me answer or help me where to find the answer I really appreciate
    Thank you

  6. Great Video , i watched lot of video , but this video really impressive because you compare 5 products in same video in short time really awesome

  7. My wife steals my Galaxy Buds all the time now to use with her iPhone X, her Airpods are just collecting dust now… True story E Hollywood…

  8. I use the galaxy buds for two months now. Love the fast pairing and capacitive controls. I can even control the volume without touching my phone.

  9. 7:10
    it is not the airpod's problem it happened to me. it is a problem with your computer. that's only on a PC so what i did i disabled absolute volume with some code i typed in the command prompt app on Windows 10

    i couldn't find the website with the code on it so just google disable absolute volume on windows 10

  10. I don’t have the glitch you speak of on my AirPods. Using on an iPhone though so that might be why. On an iPhone I’d say AirPods are pretty formidable. Hands free hey Siri, instant pairing, battery shows in the widget when using / charging. On Android I’d go for galaxy buds. I wouldn’t want to wear a product that looked like AirPods that wasn’t, galaxy buds look different.

  11. Or you can get the QCY T2C (also known as SoundPeats TrueWireless+) for 30$ and it has an AMAZING SOUND QUALITY and battery life.

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