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Faker Wants To Play Veigar Mid! – SKT T1 Faker SoloQ Playing Veigar Midlane | SKT T1 Replays

Faker Playing Solo Queue Ranked Game With Veigar Midlane In Challenger Elo Korea. The Patch Of The Game Is 7.7 , Remember to like the video for the best LoL Pro Replays to learn of the best players and BE CHALLENGER, It helps a lot!

Runes and Masteries:

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  1. fakers farming is really good as usual, to bad his team kinda sucked

    edit: that 1 vs 1 at 15:35 vs Jhin was bad in fakers part tho

  2. This is 100 % faker, I checked his account and this was really him. He has only 1 game as veigar in season 7 and it's the one in this video.

  3. lmoa didn't think even in the korean server i'd see retards but that teemo man, death fire touch then goes ad, like what kinda meth you on fam

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