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Exclusive – The 2019 Mac Pro Launch Review!

The Pro Display XDR is UNDERRATED!
My initial review of the new 2019 Apple Mac Pro! Got some exclusive time with the new Mac Pro which packs up to 28-cores, 1.5TB of RAM and 4 GPUs. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know!
Full Apple Mac Pro Specs:
Couple quick notes on the Mac Pro video! ‬
‪That unreleased Canon 8K camera was capturing 8K Pro Res RAW with an Atomos recorder (not internally) ‬
‪aaand the FCPX was also 8K Pro Res RAW, not just regular Pro Res.
Promise RAID MPX Module –
Andrew Dawson!
Dream Desk 6!
Techno Eclipse!
Ultimate Dream Desk Collection!
Don’t buy this iMac
I turned my Galaxy S10 into a Desk Setup!
What’s in my Tech Bag 2019!
Tech that made my iPhone better:
TLD Spotify Playlist!
TLD Behind the Scenes!
Mobile users:
Music via Musicbed:
My Audio Setup & Gear:


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  1. ‪Yo 🙋🏻‍♂️ couple quick notes on the Mac Pro video! ‬

    ‪That unreleased Canon 8K camera was capturing 8K Pro Res RAW with an Atomos recorder (not internally) ‬

    ‪aaand the FCPX was also 8K Pro Res RAW, not just regular Pro Res. <3 ya guys! ‬

    Also check out the Pro Display XDR video if ya haven’t yet!

  2. $50K for a full setup mac pro with the pro display xrd matte finish including the maximum CPU, GPU, RAM , accelerator card, storage …hmmmm …56 Tflops combined between the 2 Graphics cards…. but can it run crysis…? with 28 Tflops of PF32 performance per card lol… you can run crysis at over 8K at 240 FPS with this beastly PC …(and yes it is a PC…apple needs to stop referring its products as if its a different thing ..its not ….just because ferrari is 10s of thousands or millions dollar car…its still a honda civic lol….) but its obviosuly taylored for those who have more $ and want more power ….ipad is tablet, macbook pro is a laptop, iphone is a smartphone, apple tv is a set top box, mac pro is a PC ….lol ….please apple stop referring to your products as if its a totally different thing lol … 50K for a full setup mac pro and matter xdr display is a ctually when you think about it a bargain to those who used very expensive equipment that some parts cost ridiculously more expenive than the pro full set up but 50K is not cheap either but compared to what would prob cost over 150K minimum for the similar specs u get on a full setup mac pro it is a good deal….but to the average buyer this is pricey lol…but sure af would be worth it if used for at least fact gaming on this kinda laughable …this thing can do beyond gaming cn make do music and movie industry stuff on this thing lol ii think totall if u was to max out all the specs plus the display xdr matter finish it might come out total to like 50K more or less ..i could literally upscale or make a shitty 1080 SDR movie into and HDR or should i say XDR 8K film with all the bells and whistles with this thing and it wouldnt take days or hrs …but minutes to turn an lower res film to 8K in minutes ….id def put use to this thing ….id make my whole movie library to 8K XDR with this thing ^ ^

  3. It was very important to go back to the old large aluminum tower format.
    It is obviously large, heavy, and can't be moved easily.
    The benefits are enormous though. Excellent airflow throughout to keep it cool with lots of fans.
    Expandable like a PC tower for easily adding and upgrading all the components.
    I really hope they will manufacture such a high-end item in the USA.

  4. Jonathan.
    No question. this is a great most powerful machine, but … sounds a bit like your narrative is bit bias towards Apple. Let me try to balance the scales.
    – cooling. This is going to be a dust magnet. I any decent environment you will be constantly servicing
    – what is the decent machine not too "pro" you know for decent amount of mulah ? mac mini ???? that the only one without screen 🙂 in your logic there should be MAC ..replacement of mach mini MAcPRO 1.1 – 1.x ….
    – the proprietary port (WOW …beast …) what about PCIE 4 ??? is it too weak ?????? apple port is better …for what ?? apple prove that they wont release upgrades for their video card ……
    remember the promise they made for mac trash ???? where are those upgrades for video ????
    – Windows 10 box … either inter or ryzen …can dance circles around that really sleek …3 times the cost MAC PRO …
    yes I think you can build professional grade machine 3 times cheaper ..then mac pro .. OSX is becoming weaker and weaker in their offering of sofware too …
    final cut pro, rewamped …(mixed fillings) aperture ..bye bye …but you can run facetime and ios apps soon ??? wow ….

    having said that …every fall I waited for apple to plow through innovation, excite me … fill the void of my heart and offer something too look forward to … but not for starting point of $6k
    but I guess youtube stars people making $10k+ a month …no big deal ..coast elite, no problem … new toys coming 🙂

  5. Been waiting so long i nearly bought a PC. The thing that stopped me was i did not want to buy a huge box. Huge boxes is what PC’s are all about. So although this new Mac is beefy n cool. Uurrghh its a huge PC. And a huge price. “Oh No” was my first reaction. Now I’m wavering toward my first PC again. Im disappointed that that thing is just too big. Feels like theres pc people at Apple. I will be using my next computer when i decide for ZBrush. I need loads of CPU and RAM but i do not want a huge Clump anywhere near my desk. So Apple seem to be giving me a gentle nudge toward a PC which is the same ridiculous size and less money for more.
    Im disappointed.
    Can we install Mac OS on a PC i wonder now!

  6. Every component looks so tight to each other. My concern is fan noise and high cpu temps.
    Becouse if I would buy a computer like this I don´t want it to sound like a wind turbine.

  7. I can run 48 tracks with 6 instances of ProQ3 linear phase on EVERY single channel and not even scratch my Mac Pro 5,1 CPU's with 24 cores(2xhex 3.3 xeons), 64gb mem and Rx580. Again, this new machine is NOT for audio, its for absurdly high rez Video, anything els is a waste. (btw, the Avid Pro Tools HD pcie cards ARE the engine, the tower doesn't mean shit)

  8. I READ THE BELOW COMENTS and what I'm reading is THEY WANT IT…but THEY DON"T NEED IT. 6000 opening price. You HAVE to NEED it. I thought Tim Cook was crazy until, I put together my own machine using Amazon. DDR4 is too expensive. I'm back at 1992 with this pricing. However my machine had two 28 core processors. I tried two XEON W 16 core processors but that was still 4000 dollars so you might as well do 2 28 core processors. If I seriously wanted to jump into DDR4 I'd still go the ASUS route because you could buy the motherboard and then slowly piece the machine together. A computer that costs 10,000 you want to piece that together slowly. Motherboard. Then two chips of ram. Then one processor. Next PAYCHECK the other processor.

  9. This video was helpful…. Can someone, anyone give me some quick advice……. I'm a basic, at home producer…. Typically I work with 15-20 tracks, multiple effects on every track, & multiple VSTs….. I also aim to do some work in Final Cut/After Effects, but currently I only work with Photoshop to create visual art. On top of that, I would love a Mac that I could attempt to double as a gaming PC……. Right now I try to manage all of this on a old ass 2006 iMac lol…. So I struggle with it to say the least….. I'm finally in the market to upgrade, but uhh, this 2019 Pro looks a little more serious. I've been out of the loop for over a decade, so basically, would I be better off getting an old Trash Can Mac Pro? Seems like the better option, based on my performance needs and the price.

  10. Yes, you can plug in whatever graphics card you want. But the problem is Apple blocked the Nvidia drivers on macOS Mojave and later… So, for those pros who are into RTX or CUDA they'd better get a PC instead.

  11. I’m more concerned about the cooling situation. One radeon vii runs hot as hell… imagine four of them… being passively cooled by three intake fans which is also cooling a powerful ass cpu

  12. It maxes out at 4 tb ?! Is there anyway to upgrade more than that ? That’s not much for the capability of this machine if it has 1.8 tb in ram ..

  13. if time is money why would buy this and not go for larger platforms that support quad xeons with 4x the cores and ram . and multiple of the them . and a dedicated storage network . and everything else that a real "pro" would use . this is still for niche arty elitist types working with machines under their desk stuck using apples software ecosystem.

  14. Subbed, finally feels like someone out there is talking truth to average-joe consumers who think this machine is overrated and over-priced. Not all computers are created equal and comparisons are often much more complicated to do when you're operating a business that relies on elite-level hardware. The "I can make a more powerful PC for half the price" comments are misguided and are often born out of ignorance. This new Mac Pro is surely going to be insanely expensive but from a business perspective, it's just another CapEx. In the same way an Orthodontist might spend $59,000 on a new x-ray machine, the audio engineer might buy a $35,000 Mac Pro. Decisions at this level hinge on efficiency, capability, simplicity and convenience – not price. It's fascinating how many people are quick to draw arms and join the mob, uninformed.

  15. buy a prebuilt gaming machine for 1/10th the cost and have almost exactly the same hardware and i bet better performance. Overpriced and overrated as usual with apple.

  16. The only thing "exclusive" about this video is the click bait title!🤦‍♂️ There's nothing exclusive or in depth about you having zero hands on or reviewing the ACTUAL Mac Pro 🤮

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