Posted on: October 26, 2019 Posted by: admin Comments: 30

Exclusive: New Zealand PM: Huawei position under review

On the question of the position of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei in New Zealand, the prime minister said she welcomes foreign investment, adding that her country has legislation on telecoms services that applies to all providers and countries.
New Zealand banned a domestic mobile company last November from using the 5G equipment of Huawei, a controversial decision which cast a shadow over the future of economic and trade relations between the two countries.

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30 People reacted on this

  1. She is full of bull, 5eyes, theUS and it's four stooges, the stooges jump when told to.
    Australia has screwed itself with its anti-China rhetoric which was started by orders from the US.

  2. Huawei 5G has close to 1,600 new patents and IP registrations (ever increasing) which are the real icing on the cake. NZ stands to gain an exponential leap on precision, new applications, new range of functionality, including multi disciplinary synergies attainable way beyond our wildest dreams.
    I'd say, f..k the US.
    My next phone will again be a Huawei.

  3. As much as I would like believe her, the fact that she downplayed the absence of any coercion by the US to deliberately stifle 5G rollout in NZ is an insult tbh. If she could say that without batting an eyelid, it could also mean that all this is just empty lip service, a dishonest PR exercise meant to hoodwink China’s wallet, nothing more.

    Best course of action for China is to wait and see if there's any genuine follow-through because talk is cheap, coming from hypocrites. If it proves to be nothing but a waste of time, China should just scale back investments and business in NZ and divert trade elsewhere where there's mutually beneficial relationships with less aggro and toxicity.

  4. Huawei products are sold throughout the world even in America but it's bar by the America regime from selling to their technology to Telecom especially in NZ the American has warn all western countries not to use Huawei technology

  5. Ms Ardern could one day be the leader of UN if she can be neutral in world politics….
    In which she already show on the white extremist terrorist incident in NZ…. Good Job Ms. Ardern.

  6. Finally some common sense from a member of the 5 eyes. I never thought I would live to see the day. Seems like reasoning with them one by one is the way to go. Keep it up China!

  7. begging the patriach of china Chairman Xi Jinping… do businesss with her. What a hypocrisy. Why not the women of NZ build the G5 themselves. Theyre not doing anything anyway…. just looking for more ways to be triggered. So useless burden to any sensible person. shameless to the bone

  8. Americunt is control freak they control down under,EU,south America,Africa,middle east,Asia,space Americunt will not let you think or do thing independently. Americunt is control freak power hungry.

  9. What she's trying to say is simple. New Zealand would have no other choice but to let Huawei into New Zealand in the end because if the Chinese were to retaliate against New Zealand's exports to China it would be catastrophic

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