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Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong | Johann Hari

What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as he has watched loved ones struggle to manage their addictions. He started to wonder why we treat addicts the way we do — and if there might be a better way. As he shares in this deeply personal talk, his questions took him around the world, and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem.

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  1. As someone who has used for years I can promise you…i don't just need connection to not use. I feel like death when I don't use so I use to not feel that way. It's awful and it's real. I have things I absolutely love. I'm a functional user, I have a really good job, a nice home.
    I use so I can get up everyday and have all of that.

  2. Furthermore, a person who is under the influence of narcotics at work shall be fired and leave the workplace the same hour. We shall never face a society where it's so accepted to be on drugs that half of the working population is on drugs daily at work. If narcotics are legal, we could have workplaces where sometimes everyone is on drugs, and the employer or the police can't do the slightest against it.

  3. Good that he talks about Portugal, where an increase in psychosis, schizophrenia and paranoia along with more psychical problems happened with not less than 3000%. 30 times more, and this was for mainly cannabis.

  4. The idea that addiction is a disease is completely wrong, and stupid. YOu can see a disease under a microscope. I quit alcohol after twenty years of being an alcoholic. I quit weed and tobacco after 30 years of using. If you want to stop, you can. Calling it a disease just removes any responsibility from you the user. It's a copout.

  5. You are talking about drug addiction, but smoking addiction certainly not because lack of bonding. Many other addictions such as lying, pickpocketing, drinking coffee, overspending, playing soccer etc. Not all addictions are bad. To me addiction is an overextended habit. So you break it by saying enough is enough and do something else whenever you feel like to do whatever you are addicted to. That something else could be real such as exercising, reading books, drink juice or imaginary, you close your eyes and imagine you doing it. Overtime you are free from that addiction.

  6. there's this single guy showing up and taking something as nuanced and complexe ans drug addiction proposing intelligent and efficient ideas … in fact, i've been an addicted for 20yrs and i think he's the first person i hear that really makes sense …

  7. it’s so clear from the way he talks that this guy has a big heart, is empathetic, intelligent and a caring friend! this talk was great and his personality really shines through. i’ve learnt a lot and i’m sure the people in his life are lucky to have him as their friend, especially the addicts who need the right support. ❤️

  8. I'm sorry to say this maybe true a smidge for some people but this isnt 100 percent solve problem, I watched my son who had a very supportive family and as good as a life as I could give and he just didnt want it.the drugs change your brain it lies to you it convinces you that life isnt as important . Noone can stop them but God. He lost his life at 22 . And we lost our once strong healthy beautiful boy who had so much to live for. So I'd say you have it right to some degree but theres always so many factors that play in this.

  9. I love this man
    No one is an addict by choice
    Like me an ex drug addict
    Addiction is something to help you escape
    Most don’t want to live that life
    Just don’t know how to change it ❤️

  10. We r brainwashed by the capitalistic BUSINESS of MEDICINE, which profits many X more if we put a temporary patch vs find a solution. I am a medical professional and see some things because of greed and MONEY, and of course our LAWS about the business in medicine where the top hospitals are "non for profit" which really means "A way to make money while paying minimal taxes" and I ended up switching careers as there is nothing I could do..and most the problems HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ADDICTION, but ALL of them were treated in the same way because the medical system allowed it…If they didn't have aVERY STRONG AND CARING FAMILY, the older lady or man (patient), was subject to the only option to help them & that option will take their life away: ".in and out of hospitals, treating conditions vs (OFTEN) easy prevention and almost NEVER treating the underlying problem (which is the same in any disease from heart disease to addiction) If we dont treat a irregular thyroid problem, in combination to what most of us do, is eat wrong, drink sometimes, dont exercise enough or have another condition…The medical system will not go to the extend to make sure to TREAT THE REAL PROBLEM..It takes time, which costs a lot of $, is not covered by insurance, and then the easy and direct diagnosis of a heart condition, is then treated which slows down the worsening of the condition (And this applies to almost any serious condition) and throughout that time the MEDICAL BUSINESS IS BOOMING…THATS IS WHY THE MEDICAL SYSTEM IN THE USA is known to be one of the worst ones amongst all the countries AND ESPECIALLY THE ONES THAT HAVE THE MEANS TO DO BETTER… BUT ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY EVEN LIFE ITSELF.

  11. They are where I live.Addicts are being used for gang stalking here in Selmer and Savannah Tennessee.At a time where they need to be doing some serious soul searching they are being used as pawns in a evil scheme.Good place to recruit foot soldiers and keep them in the system/money making racket.

  12. Just a heads up, this guy is known for plagiarizing and discrediting his critics.

    Also the physiology of drug addiction is very complex, and narrowing it to simply a lack of connection is misleading and does not cover the whole story.

  13. I was with him until he got all mushy, 14:00 in, suggesting loving addicts will be best for them. Addicts are often lonely & disconnected because they're assholes. Loving them despite their assholery makes no sense.

  14. Firstly I agree with this approach and I think it carries potential. In South Africa 30% of people don’t have jobs and more than half of the population live in poverty in areas which is run by gangs and crime syndicates while the corrupt government lines their pockets with money obtained by corrupt government tenders. How will we go about providing that support of reintegration to these kids if only 10% of the population carries the 90% ? Lovely country though.. come and

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