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Everything About the Cartography Table in Minecraft

We take a look at the new cartography table in Minecraft 1.14 snapshots. With 19w02a Mojang added Cartography Table functionality. With this table, in the development build of Minecraft, you can duplicate, zoom out, and lock maps.

Everything About the Cartography Table in Minecraft

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  1. Most annoying / worthless tutorial ever. Doesn't explain what options to put in the box underneath + sign.. keeps mentioning the original map, only talks about how to make an original map for 2 seconds

  2. does zooming out from the map add or EXPAND the map and add anything of new land that wasn't there before? I would really like someone to answer my question.

  3. Can this item be made on the Kindle fire HD if so can you teach me how to get a cartography table because I tried to make one but even if I had the right objects they still didn't work

  4. I wonder if there will is such a thing called Enchanted Map in MineCraft in the future game.
    Like a active map that shows your location like a GPS at all times and as you move the map moves as well :3

    A Legacy Map likely be like a enchanted map but shows Mobs colored friendly or hostile that is close by :3

    It be nice if there gets to be such maps in the future updates :3

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