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EOTech EXPS2-0 Green Reticle Holographic Optic Review: Better Than Red?

Is the green EOTech EXPS 2-0 holographic sight better than the red version? We discuss its features, how it’s preformed, reticle, and what I think of it overall 🇺🇸

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  1. I've never seen a guy dropping 700$ in a lac like that XD you made my day I've purchased this one one week ago it seems to be a good choice

  2. As far as feild of vision with reddots go I used to think it wasn't an issue with the micro redots. Then I did a week swat course and when we ran the line through wooded area it became much harder for me to see the target with my aimpoint t2. To the point from then on I used my MRO and it made a huge difference in my vision and able to identify targets. Give it a try and see. Or it could just be me lol. Out in the open I don't notice a difference either

  3. Good review. The human eye picks up green light waves better than red, during the day, Red light waves better at night. Ie: warning lights on towers are generally red, so planes don't hit them at night! We see green trees in the sunlight, but they are dark at night (no light waves to bounce off of them!)
    But I can view my green dots MUCH better in the day time, & my red dots better at night, without blinding my normal vision.

  4. Seeing as though I have a bit of color blindness, I can't pick up a red reticle to save my life. Green is much easier for me.

  5. Hey Mrg&g what would you say is the best 9mm carbine? Looking into one but don’t know if I want a AR-9 platform or just a CZ.

  6. I got a HUGE deal on the OPMOD version of the red dot EXPS2-2 from optics planet….saved a few hundred dollars when it was on sale. It’s basically the EXPS3 without NV compatibility and perfect for my needs 👍👍

  7. Running an EOTECH for years now, love it. My eyes are not the best and I wear contacts. as the day progresses especially if its dry and dusty my vision becomes less and less sharp, but I can easily pick up the Donut. Other red dots with just a dot I end up losing them or turning up the power. EoTech is just easier for me.

  8. Please do a comparison with Holosun HE510C-GR (green red dot with eotech "look"). I bought it over eotech but it turns out I have a slight astigmatism and the dot is not so crisp. Something I guess wouldn't be an issue with eotech.

  9. It's way too granulated, fuzzy, and starry and I have perfect eyesight.. I'm a pilot. I hated it, returned it immediately after setting it up for the red version. Doesn't matter if you looked through it, background, lighting, was horrible.
    If they improve the reticle, I'd much prefer the green color though.

  10. I got rid of my exps2 due to battery life.. its really un-settling.. I now have 3 holosun 510c's.. they are great.. and I would reccommend them to anyone who isn't using their rifle for their job..

  11. Would also like to see your night vision set up. Haven’t done it because didn’t want to have buy optics that all had night vision. Love to see the other options

  12. Green reticles use more battery per hour because Green is a Higher energy wavelength than red: it takes more energy to make a green light than a red one.

  13. I'd buy one if I could justify it on a married with children budget. For now, my Holosun and Tasco setups will suffice with iron sights on the 45.

  14. I'm one of those conditioned for red. I've tried green a few times, and while I don't have any issues using green, I'm so used to red it just feels more 'normal'….lol.

  15. I'm an EOTech guy, love the system. I've tried others, just don't prefer them.

    Battery life is what it is… deal with it. The benefits outweigh the detriments.

    Good review.

  16. I think your video just convinced me to "GO GREEN" and give green a try. I'm used to red but the more i think about it…. it makes sense that green would be even easier to pick up. I'd like to put it to the test for myself.

  17. For the green taking more power, just shooting from the hip here. Green is a higher wavelength than red, so it might require more energy to produce.

  18. Looking forward to your full review on the Aimpoint comp M5S. You mentioned a few videos back you would be doing the full review. Hope to see it soon.

  19. I've been into guns for decades (old guy). Because of my interest, I've looked into features. I've bought and used too many to list. I've never known what is in the Eotech model numbers. Thanks for that!

    Vid idea: "Stuff some people don't know, but never ask" OR "questions nobody has ever asked me, but I'll tell you anyway".

    I mentioned that I was an older guy. I think that younger people are so lucky to have resources like you and some others. Damn…..I used to read magazines and other publications. And get this……I actually BELIEVED that crap. Boy did I ever waste time and money.

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