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  1. Yoona said, is this for broadcast and still call heechul
    I think it is because, Heechul call her first, so she need to call Heechul first
    It is not because she is not close to Leeteuk, it is because Heechul who call her first
    Leeteuk and Heechul with Yoona are really close
    But Heechul already said Yoona is more close to Leeteuk than him,, He said that at Family Outing 02
    But, I still love their relationship.. My Sugen 😍

  2. I like how Heechul is very careful about the privacy of others(in this case, Yoona's). He asked to blur Yoona's number before showing the screen of his phone.

    We all know what would happen if an idol's number is leaked out. It'll be chaos. xD

  3. It's so cute to see Leeteuk looking so dejected 😂 And YoonA knows Leeteuk very well and even knows he's upset just by hearing his voice. It's so warm to hear Leeteuk saying YoonA-yah ❤ Ahhh, Super Generation days. Good old days.

  4. lmao, when Yoona basically calls Leeteuk out for being kind of bitchy when he doesn't get his way "Ugh, you're totally upset now, aren't you?" That shade was so funny, you can tell how close SUJU and SNSD are when you see moments like this!

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