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[ENG] 용팔이, The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal), EP05 (Full)

Kim Tae Hyun(Joo Won) is a talented surgeon.
Desperate for money to pay for his sister’s medical bills, he adopts the code name Yong-pal(The Gang Doctor) and offers his medical skills to those in need of medical attention but who cannot do so publicly, dealing with criminals and corrupt plutocrats. Joining a team of corrupt physicians Kim rescues “sleeping beauty” Han Yeo Jin(Kim Tae Hee), a chaebol heiress, from a medically induced coma, leading to unintended consequences.

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  1. am really happy I met you in this life I promise you in next life I will born as your erder sister so that I can take care of you.thats my promise those line made me cry

  2. Hayhhhhs…ang sad n mn ng part n ito para sa young sister nya..n malapit nrn makasama ng mama nla…huhuhu..nakakaiyak nmn..lalong lumala ang sakit ng kapatid nya….

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