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[EN] 옥탑방왕세자, Rooftop Prince, EP01 (Full)

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After the death of the Crown Prince Lee Gak’s wife, the Crown Prince transports 300 years into the future and arrives in 21st century Seoul, South Korea with his retainers. In the present day Seoul, the Crown Prince meets Hong Se-na, who has an uncanny resemblance to his deceased Princess.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful drama. Witty, sad, great acting by the young actors. I love this story about reincarnation. It makes you wonder. I too believe that the reincarnation takes place within this life, on the very earth as the rebirth takes place after our death. It is true that within families, anger, hatred, jealousy and possessiveness develop. Buddhism explained as its best. Great drama.

  2. The Urdu dubbed version is not available anymore so came to watch it… Thanks for uploading SBS World❤️ I haven't been watching kdramas for 4 months… Finally found a show that got my attention

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