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  1. Omg. It was 2.26Am 21nov2019. I loved the story. I cried a lot, laughed a lot through this drama. Totally i enjoyed. And iam going to miss this couple especially oska

  2. Dying of laughter when does kid dnt sleep mom we are not sleeping yet I like Dad very funny,what a lovely ending am glad the mother in-law dnt hate her grandchildren that is beautiful, much love from UAE

  3. I have watched about 4 of Lee Jong Suk's dramas, yet this is the one that made me his fan. Everything from his looks, acting to the look in his eyes were living his character . I was looking forward for his short parts in those hour long episodes. There is a star in the sky that is shining brighter than others, and for me He was that star this time.

  4. And oska n seul u really teached me a life lesson.
    The person who directed this movie, God really have u such a great thinking capacity be sure to thank him for

  5. I have watch alot of korean dramas but this was the most touching one i even stayed uo till 1 pm then slept. Gil ra min and kim joo won u two sure make a fine pair i wish u could marry in real life

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