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EEVblog #1250 – World’s Thinnest Wallet Review – Stealth Razor

Dave got one of these newfangled slim wallets, the Stealth Razor from Airo Collective, a Kickstarter project, the world’s thinnest wallet.
Does it actually replace a full traditional leather wallet?
How practical is it?
Does the RFID protection work?

RFID jammer card tested:
RFID Protection tested and explained:


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  1. That much money on a wallet is just bonkers. I like card sleeves though, got this one for $20 from amazon. Works great.

  2. go to aussie company … buy Mens Super Slim leather wallet, thin leather billfold or sku909… craps all over this junk and is tiny. i get 7 cards in it, all separated.**. and cash… (PS don't get the one with 6 pockets on each side… it is bigger and the pockets are too small). Top quality thin leather too… and a quarter the price of this junk. Had mine years… can keep in front pocket, way safer . **Embossed cards next to each other like this piss-poor wallet shown here flatten out the lettering… don't do it

  3. I swear the majority of what gets these 'ultra slim' wallets down always is 'put less in it' which is pretty pointless. To realistically make a slimmer wallet they really want to just tweak a fat one without limiting how much can be put in it so much. A wallet for me is an instant fail though is it lacks a couple zipped areas, one for notes, one for coins.

  4. Spine needs to be a small fixed width (6-7mm?), then stick a pop clasp on it to close it probably (may be unnecessary if spine closes naturally of course). Jobs a goodun' 👍🏻 (IMO non-closing wallets = pointless fad)

  5. I was on the search for a thin – but functional – wallet and ended up making my own, after years of trying other products. It's a 3-fold design made from stretch jeans.
    It's just slightly longer than needed to avoid the fold-out problem. Made from 2 pieces of material, it has 3 slots for cards, 3 for coins, 1 for bills. Takes an hour to make one completely from scratch, about 90 minutes to make 3-4 pieces. They last about 2 years each, then you can throw them in the washing machine.

  6. I wonder how often users of these slim wallets break their cards, that is a problem of sitting on your wallet in your back pocket in general but I am curious if all that "leather" in a regular wallet helps to protect the cards or not. When I worked part time at a servo while I was at University about a third of the truckies that came in handed me pieces of their company fuel card rather than an intact card, so long as you could manipulate it to scan or still read the numbers to enter it manually it wasn't worth the effort of replacing the card just to snap it again 😀

  7. nope , tried that kind of design and the mag strip gets ruined as the cards rub together. Yes in Europe / Australia there is the chip but if you travel a lot you end up needing the mag strip to buy anything. I have a thin metal case now that fits about 6 cards ( popular in Asia ) and goes inside minimal wallet that fixes the issue but takes you back to square 1. large fat wallet. I live and work in 3 countries and 2 of them require completely different bank cards driving licenses bus cards ID cards and the list goes on. finally I gave up and now just carry one mega wallet complete with metal protector case. my "mega wallet" is made by Gregory and is an ugly velcro thing that is simply massive.

  8. Glad it's as terrible as I thought it would be. A while back I saw an advertisement on Facebook for it.
    I normally have a big fistfull of coins in mine.

  9. Oh good grief. You're blaming the wallet for what the cash is doing. C'mon Dave, you're smarter than that. Stick the damn thing in your pocket for half a day and it will stay closed after that.

  10. Stealth wallet? Is the maker so barmy they think people are going to sneak around when shopping like a Ninja and then whip out their 'stealth wallet' to pay. And how would that work anyway if you are so stealthy the assistant doesn't see you. Jeez, these people watch too many movies. Let's design some useless crap just because we can.

  11. Dave, I bet that when you first start using that slim wallet you will think you may have lost your wallet for a second or two now and then until you remember you are carrying the slim line wallet.

  12. Amazon sells a wallet brand called "Big Skinny"… They make a wallet of similar material and not much thicker. They claim it carries 25 cards. I've carried it daily for years. It'll close with a few dozen bills and 12+ cards. No RFID blocking, only $25 U.S.

  13. If you want a thinner wallet you first need to ask yourself if you really need all that crap in your wallet 24/7. If your answer Is yes give up. If you're reasonable enough to realize the coffe stand club carb can stay in your car and you don't got to the doc everyday so med cards aren't needed and if you use all thos credit cards in one day your a richer man than me….look just reduce the amount of crap you carry and get a wallet with the appropriate number of slots. I carry a leather I'd type wallet and a money clip in separate pockets. Works for me with 3 cards an ID a few bits o paper and all my cash delt with separate.

  14. It looks a lot like the Allett brand wallets that I have carried for years:
    Allett has a sizeable selection catering to passport travelers, truck drivers, and sportsmen.
    I found that the nylon/whatever exterior was just slick enough that the wallet liked to work it's way out of my back pocket, so I have stuck with their leather versions. They hold up quite well and several friends now use Allett.

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