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Dynasty Warriors 9 2 Players Update

Hey guys LinkLovesCrawfish here and welcome to my channel I hope you enjoy it right now my channel is underway with a few changes that will be mentioned below and Im currently underway with a attempted schedule for my uploads, as it stands right now starting, Saturday December 10th MY upload schedule will be as follows below

(MONDAY) Regular Lets Play Uploads
(Tuesday) Regular Lets Play Uploads
(Wensday) Regular Lets Play Uploads
(Thursday) Regular Lets Play Uploads
(Friday) Special Content If Any & Regular Lets Play Uploads
(Saturday) Stream Day Only Anywhere From 6PM – 10PM Central TIme U.S.
(Sunday) Stream Day Only Anywhere From 7PM – 10PM Central Time U.S.

The equitment I use is a MSI gaming laptop with an elgato capture card and yeti microphone comboination, If you have any questions or a channel or video you want me to watch when I have the time let me know and I’ll be more than happy to check it out! All comments will be replied too



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  1. السلام عليكم
    شلون افعل خيار لاعبين باكس بوكس ون ونا توا مشترية السي دي……؟!

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