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Dynasty Warriors 8 [Empires] PC Controller Fix!!!

For PS4 Controllers: Download (ds4 windows) and Configure it in. (Contribution by Shin D. Syox)

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  1. anyone who still cant use here's what i did
    change your gamepad button as a keyboard key (x for a) using this
    it did work and that's all the best i can tell so far.

    please like this comments to help the others

  2. I don't care about using a controller for first player. i need to be able to use a controller at all, i've tried xbox and ps4 both stop working as soon as i launch Dw8

  3. Dude I clicked disable now no matter how many times I plug my controller in it doesn't work now on top of it not showing a enable button right afterwards. You are a real piece of shit bruh.

  4. im using a xbox 360 controller i watched the vid and did every thing up to the point of disabling cuz i was getting worried i might mess up so this is what i got:HID-compliant consumer control device
    HID-compliant consumer control device
    HID-compliant consumer control device
    HID-compliant consumer control device
    HID-compliant consumer control device
    HID-compliant consumer control device
    USB input device
    USB input device
    USB input device
    USB input device
    USB input device
    so what do i do,which 1 do i disable?

  5. Hi, my controller is xbox 360, it is recognized by the pc, i can still calibrate it on advanced setting, at first i try to play other game (NBA) it work pretty well, then i tried to play dynasty warrior, then my controller button not worked as shit. The only button that is worked is Y and X, and then i tried to go to setting –> control —> 1p setting, then it freeze, can u fixed this problem???

  6. Hi , First i wanna Thank you for this helpful videos but the Problem is the 2nd Controller it's work on the Settings and not in the game !! Do you have any Solution for that … I waiting for You ? Thanks

  7. okey… So now I'm going to rage a little bit. I fucking hate this shit. I dont understand what's wrong. I've been looking here in the comment section and it seems like alot of people have the same issue as me but still dont know what Im supposed to do. Please help…

    These are the problems that I'm having:
    1. I can not configure my controller settings when in game (DW8, that is).
    2. When I'm in the controller (or button settings) in the game it seems as if the computer is mapping signals from the controller to my keyboard, that is: when I for instance want to tell the game that "forward" is suppose to be when I push the left joystick up, the computer interpret it as a "upward arrow" on the keyboard.
    3. I dont have any other gaming devices than my dual shock controller for PS4 and I currently use Windows 7.
    I dont know what the problem is, and I dont know how to fix it.

  8. I've been having trouble getting my controller to run with Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition. I followed your advice and visited the device manager, but only found one option instead of two for my Razer device (I use a Razer Anansi keyboard). This option had an uninstall button, but no disable. I attempted to disable the Razer Anansi device registered under Mice and other pointing devices, but after doing so any keyboard input crashed my computer. I really have no idea what to do, or how to fix my game. Please help!

  9. Free Download Dynasty Warriors 8 PC Game Full Version ISO Compressed And Also Android APK+Data OBB files

  10. i have a xbox one controller wired/razer bw 2014/ss rival 300 and my game is dw8 ELCE. can u help me to fix this problem. i try to google it but still didnt work

  11. i'm using ps3 controller and still can't connect… but when i use my ps2 controller, well it worked but only for P1

    i want my ps3 controller as P1 and ps2 controller as P2… so what should I do?

    oh one more thing, I don't know which one devices that I should disabled since I only found monect HID (the rest just the same as yours) and only 1

  12. I have Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, but the controller I have is an Xbox One controller, CANNOT assign buttons for the life of me, either no response or it freezes sometimes…just wanted to have some good old chinese 1000-manslayer fun…some one please help, I do not have any other gamepad options.

  13. i played this game for 75 hours and after buying a new pc and reinstalling it, the xbox one controller settings were changed so it is impossible to control (turning the view is set to LT and RT and the view constantly moves) and everytime i go to control settings the game freezes
    i dont know what to do

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