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Drag Race Thailand: Season 2 – Episode 5 – Rant & Review

Drag Race Thailand: Season 2 – Episode 5 – Rant & Review

Hollywood Inspirations

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Hey everybody! Let’s get into episode 5 of Drag Race Thailand. The queens had a fun mini challenge where they had to improv their own acting scene and for the Maxi Challenge perform another acting challenge based on the Lakota The Haunting Dolls. The queens then had a runway based on Hollywood stars but nothing too literal. So sit back, relax and grab a snack it’s time to enjoy some time with Matty Rants!

*Some of the pics in the background have subtitles and i didn’t have a way of removing all of them just yet( had to make sure some of the looks i could show fully). I will work on that in the future.
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  1. This was the worse episode ever, no question why it is blocked on YouTube. Shame on the judges.
    First, the Thai Team was way much funnier than the International Team. It was supposed to be a comedy. Second, how does Art dare to Sashay two queens after a good lipsyching? What was in her mind? And not just that, she got the chop to the Kana, who had the best performance on the acting challenge.

    And the last thing, that it is probably a cultural thing, but I did not get the half of the Hollywood references that the queens presented. I mean, Beyonce? Sherlock Holmes? Maybe they undertand by Hollywood something like American/British/Western culture. That might be the reason.

  2. Matty, your channel is giving me LIFE! Your reviews are always fabulous, and you make me smile! Thanks for reviewing DRT! I can't get enough of it, or you, my dear! 💚

  3. UK fan here always keep an eye out for your videos. Thank you so much for covering Thailand version and looking forward to your pose videos.

    Watching Eurovision wish I had a Matty rant breaking down it's highlights and all its glory. Not quite sure America's ready for it. After just seeing the outfit Cyprus entry was wearing Madonna maybe the least camp thing tonight. Not that anyone knows what she's doing yet

  4. Is it just me? Or are the runway looks this season putting the american RPDR runway looks to Shame?
    Think back to episode 5. I honestly think the Thailand Queens are SERVING IT! There are far more hits than misses on the runway.

  5. Hey Matty. No need to apologise so much, sometimes life gets in the way. I was just so excited when I saw the video was up. This was a great episode but the judging was a bit off for me. There were others I would have put in the Bottom. I cannot wait until your review of Episode 6. You will get why when it happens xx

  6. Thanks for the run down! It's refreshing and interesting to see their references vs American. Your reviews do illuminate a good many aspects to make it gel in my little head and thanks for finding the links in English, and hope to see the next one! Best wishes❤❤❤

  7. I'm so glad you're still doing these! Personally, I thought Kana was going to lose the lip-sync by default because that mask covered her facial features. I didn't want to see either one of them go though.

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