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Dota 2 Cheaters: Legion Commander with DUEL HACK!

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24 People reacted on this

  1. stop it the play fucking dota this game is fuckt up,in so many matches cheaters mostly cheenese and russians use cheat programs,they download and use in many match,fuck that,and valve is a biggest shit,they dont give a fuck,they just want sell items thats all.

  2. be careful with id 179421991 don't want to witness anything with this because he is a con artist, please spread it, I have been tricked by 190 $

  3. Hi, it doesn't matter if you use a hack, that LC is not a toxic flamer believed, besides it was more for the combo the use of the hack. Something very important is that the game level was also very similar and finally this is about team so be pro gamer without team you can't win.

  4. The same bs happened to me with a meepo (spoilers : he lost) mf had clones at lvl 4 with blink and power thread + insane magic damage

  5. Be cheater and lose for lack of a gem or dust.

    That legion is a rat, in the last moments of the game he started to shit and the ricky put the team on his shoulder but well report that man

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