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Doraemon: Nobita's Space Heroes New Movie In Hindi ¦ New Doraemon Cartoon Movie ¦ Doraemon Nobita

One day Suneo, Gian and Shizuka decide to make a movie about space-based hero film Guardians of the Galaxy is a magical current blockbuster. The role of the beast should be played by Nobita to do the film but he cooperated with Suneo group. While they were shooting the film, Gian beats Nobita as he was a space alien and Nobita starts crying and runs away to the house to ask help from Doraemon. After that, they two return where the Sun’s group were shooting the film and Doraemon takes a gadget from his pocket which is a film director called Burger director. And they all become space heroes and in the film, they started fighting with space monsters. Meanwhile, an alien from outside the planet comes to ask help from the space heroes and they agree to follow him. On the spacecraft, alien that is Aron, sheriff of Pokkoru planet which is full of rats, were lucky to escape the pursuit of security personnel of Recreation Land Space (space pirates Impersonation). Until arriving in the planet they thought that the party was only scened in the movie. When the arrived on the planet, they were attacked two or three times, then they get to now that it is not a scene in the film, this group is real. Then they followed Aron to the shelter of his secrets. And after two days, they panned and come out of the secret place for the battle.

The following morning, Aron and reconnaissance group enter the Pokkoru planet. After that Aron tries to warn councilors and the public to remain alert, but no one believes it. Nobita discovers pirates la of the universe, so he pushes him away and goes down and dropped the star hero down in the wells . Fortunately, Aron finds that Nobita tied by ropes and accidentally left active disguised know of Space Land is sucking the energy plan of the planet to shoot down Arumasu star (stars carry light breeds Sun). However, Aron and Nobita was discovered by MEBA and Jaian and Suneo was arrested earlier by Ogon. Shizuka, Doraemon and Nobita had seen the star of drifting toward him, saw something not healthy for people to rescue them down and their friends. Although the rescue was successful but Shizuka was caught by Haido in order to surrender the Aron’s group, Burger director then show virtual images to fool Haido, and saving Shizuka. However, when both of the shelter, the group began to split and Aron learn the truth about the hero, but still Aron praise the group as hero since they still coming to the planet Pokkoru for helping him. The group then decided to help save the planet Pokkoru Aron.

The group moves towards the straight to the tower group Space, while residents Pokkoru were unaware of their dangers. MEBA and Ogon arrive to block and fight the group, while Haido group is in the basement at the foot of the tower. MEBA attack Aron and Nobita try to help but accidentally caught inside the ship of pirates because of MEBA waist fall against him, Shizuka then fight and defeated MEBA, while Jaian dueling and beating Ogon. Doraemon, Suneo, and Aron going into the basement but Haido using fighter hit back to destroy them. Shizuka and Jaian arrive and attack Haido’s fighter, resulting Haido to crash. After confronting Haido, the group learning the secret out.

Nobita fight Ikaros when alone but because he is too weak (due to no energy from graphite – a major component of the star Arumasu), Nobita quickly defeated him. After learning the secret out, they returned to the ship heading to disable launchers but they were too late because IKarosu had triggered it. Luckily, they stopped the group of star explosions and killed Arumasu after Burger user must Ikarosu and in the rewinding time Pokkoru planet has not sucked the energy to restore life star of this planet. Escape Pokkoru planet from destruction and residents gradually awakened before Aron’s warning.

The story ends with the message “Let’s protect this smile …”.


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