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Doraemon Final Ending

For those of you looking for this version 🙂
I think this is fan-made, sorry for not knowing who the original creator is

*Edited* (I’m just re-uploading this so I can share this wonderful video with all of you Doraemon fans from around the world)

*Edited #2* Someone created an anime adaptation of this shorts, hope you guys will enjoy that one as well, this one is just and old-school videos of some sort

Anyhow, enjoy!

Song name, Arigatou by Kokia

*I don’t take credits from this video, or gaining any financial gains from it. This is purely for sharing with fellow Doraemon fans around the world


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  1. Please someone explain to me what happened in the last scene?..why it show nobita and shizuka ,and nobita kid hug doraemon that had been repaired?..aren't they are already old?

    And pleease imma still sad.
    I already watch this many time..i still can't move on..i wanna explaination

  2. I like Doraemon, Doraemon is like Harry Potter or Narnia. Except instead of being pro-magic, it's pro-science. In the end Nobita relies on himself and revives Doraemon, instead of relying on magic or fate.

  3. Tysm doraemon for making our childhood fantastic.

    Love Vietnam

    Ps there was no actual ending the author didnt live long enough to finish the manga but this is the best fan made one ever

  4. I think when nobita became smart he remembered that the past him is watching him sometimes so he created a scene were he acted like a fool but really hes the smartest remember when he says that he really misses doraemon on stand by me movie so that it wouldn't mess the time line because he is fixing him

  5. I hate when people make their own opinion… watch this link to know how it start…

    there no english subtitle, throw your money to your Japan friend and make the english subtitle on it.

    or this link but picture only with english translation:

  6. Look this could be the ending but if u let ur imagination sink in, nobits can keep the same doraemon and the future keep going and another doraemon was created and used by his grandson, then passed to the past nobita. This doesn’t make sense but still it a good end

  7. I found out doraemon ending just now, without noticed that my tears come out and did not stop for 10 minute, I know doraemon since I was a child and when I found out the ending I can not stop my tears to come out …. TT^TT

  8. who saying this manga is a fan art no its not because this is the truth of story doraemon…. nobita in future fix the doraemon and give it back to nobita in the past soo because of that its making doraemon like never die/broken ( its time paradox)

  9. I am very pity for nobita.. .. ..
    But I am happy when nobita together with doraemon ❤
    Doraemon is a part of nobita and no one can't keep them away❤❤❤I love you Dora-chan and Nobita❤❤Thanks for making my childhood special 🤗

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