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Doraemon (1973) Episode 24: "The Competition of Man's Power" (男は力で勝負する)

Episode: “The Competition of Man’s Power”
Japanese: 男は力で勝負する
Japanese (Rōmaji): Otoko wa Chikara de Shōbu Suru
Script: Satoshi Inoue
Storyboard: Seiji Okuda
Nobita, Suneo, and Gian are discussing about “Whose parents are stronger?” in the Open Lot. Neither Gian nor Suneo give up. Nobita also told that his dad would crush a stone with a fist. Dad disliked the because it was unreasonable. Doraemon who saw it took out the Lying Beak. If you put it in your mouth and tell a lie, you can realize any unreasonable lie. In front of everyone, Dad crushes and destroys the stone with a fist. Suneo who saw it wants his father to do the same thing. He realized that his dad was scared to divide a plank.

“Wow! Wow! Mom!” yelled Suneo.

“Oh no, poor little boy, do not worry…I will do it! Actually, I had karate in my school days” said Suneo’s mother.

She jumped high in the sky and kicked the plank. It is only the father of Gian who left with this. Gian will bring him to the Open Lot in the evening and told Nobita to wait. It’s evening. A Gian’s father whose height is about half that of Gian comes in in judo uniform. It is the clay pipe of the Open Lot the objective. Naturally, he can’t break it. Nobita begs Doraemon to use the Lying Beak with Gian’s father. However, it does not come out easily from the pocket.
Father’s hand will break as soon as you do not do it!

“Alright! Already good! Dad!” Gian can not stop crying and stopping his dad.

“No, I can not put a shame to you” replied his dad.

Finally, Doraemon found the Lying Beak. The splendid clay was damaged due to its effect, and Gian’s father received cheers.

“Gian’s dad also worked hard” said Nobita.

“I will break this steel frame, please look.” said Doraemon.

He jumped high in the sky, but the Lying Beak detached from his mouth. At the end, Doraemon got numbed by hitting the steel tower.

Thank you so much Jiji for the translation of some text 😀
Link to his YT channel:

Video edited by: Joako
Songs used:
– Doraemon 1973 OST – Doraemon in Dixieland (ドラえもん いん できしいらんど)
– Doraemon 1973 OST – Boku no Doraemon (ぼくのドラえもん)

Doraemon (ドラえもん) is a trademark own by Fujiko Fujio (Fujiko Productions), Shogakukan and TV Asahi. This material belongs to the first animated series of “Doraemon” aired in Nippon Television in 1973 and produced by Nippon TV Video. This video was just made for educational and enterteiment propouses.


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  1. Tanto lío con la serie de 1973 y después dieron capítulos parecido este está echo en los 90 y 2000 y pico de nuevo mejorado así q. No eso es un plagio no…

  2. Viendo este vídeo me doy cuenta q. No se quemó todo como dicen…fraxmentos de las temporadas del 78 y 79 están puestas y des pues las modernas copiaron el mismo argumento de lo q. Supuesta mente quemaron

  3. Que curioso. En la sección de "canales" de tu canal aparece uno de los míos xD(Old Dora Project). Por cierto, solo tienes a partir de este episodio o tienes material de anteriores episodios?

  4. This was one of the Best Episode what I have just watched. This episode is kind loving to Gian's father. Unlike reboots where twodads fight each other by Nobita and his Friend,it was just terrible,it was funny for the Lying Beak Scene but the start was just
    terrible. I Wish There is a Kind Loving episode about Gian and his father(or his mother (1979 and 2005).
    Too bad most of the focus of kind loving is almost always Doraemon.But is nice to see how they get along.

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