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Dookie Drive – Green Day Guitar Tone in a box – MXR Pedal Demo & Review by The Guitar Geek

Welcome to Paradise! It’s the Dookie Pedal from MXR. Bille Joe Armstrong’s Green Day tone in a box. Green day have always been one of my favourite bands and I needed to own this pedal. Does it deliver? Watch the video!

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  1. I saw this pedal at my local guitar store yesterday it piqued my interest. After watching a bunch of videos of the pedal, it was your video that sealed the deal for me. Just got the pedal today and it's badass- I love what it does for my tone!

  2. Great audio in this video. Most it was hard to hear the differences with the pedal, but you did a great job, could especially tell with the scoop. Hoping to try and track down one of these pedals before they're all gone, most are $300+ now.

  3. I have watched several of the demos of this pedal. Thankyou!! Finally a demo by someone who recognizes that the Dookie Drive tone circuit has a lot of (rather brittle) high end available, and explores the tones with the knob set BELOW 12:00!! Thankyou! It does sound like that's where the ballsiest, warmest tones are found. The best the pedal has to offer. And as you said, if you can't cut through a mix by turning the tone knob up higher, maybe you need to bring your amplifier to a repair shop… or put fresh strings on your guitar.
    I'm not a great Green Day fan, but because the pedal captures the sounds of two great sounding Marshall amps, I hear tones from AC/DC, Rush, and Joe Walsh in this pedal. And with the blend knob turned clockwise I hear Judas Priest and Iron Maiden Marshall tones.
    I ordered a Dookie Drive of my own last night!

  4. +TheGuitarGeek have you tried the Dookie through an effects loop? It might sound closer if it bypasses the amp coloring the sound and you just amplify the pedal itself through the speaker 🤔🤔

  5. If they really only made 3000 of them then I’m REALLY glad I bought mine when I did god knows what people would charge for these on eBay or something in the future

  6. I had the same smile when i first turned it on. I played the intro of when i come around. My brother was on the couch and said sounds good, i said this is my favorite pedal i’m never going to sell this one

  7. Good demo dude, I recently picked one up as well (huge early Green Day and Dookie era fan) and I'm having a lot of fun with this pedal as well. Sounds scary close to the albums for sure. Cheers 🍻

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