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Don't Sell Your Huawei Just Yet

New” Huawei Ban Update | Intel, Micron and Qualcomm Resume Supplying Huawei”
*NEW* Goodbye Notch! Under Display Camera Tech is Here.
*UPDATE* Huawei, Trump and the Race for 5G | Whose Side Are You On?
Don’t Sell Your Huawei Just Yet
*UPDATE* China has responded
China Responds to the Huawei Ban | Could Apple Be Next?
Huawei Responds to Trump – Does Huawei Really Need The US?
Here is my take on the Huawei Blacklisting saga that’s going on at the moment.
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40 People reacted on this

  1. Ban Lifted! And a big "up your's" to those who panic sold their huawei devices! I kept faith in them from when I upgraded 2 months ago. Anyone who also said that I baught a brick F*** you.. Ahhh that felt good..

  2. I've never been triggered like this before, China produce so much plastic toys and little things that US companies can make themselves which brings jobs and more money into the economy for the US as well as making it tough on Chinese companies to sell overseas. By doing a trade war with China the USA has far more to gain than lose, most technology for cars, planes and trains in China has been either made or heavily influenced by the USA. P.s stop raving on about Trump, see all those men he surrounds himself with or any patriot of America they all support him (He was the best choice out of the options, doesn't mean he is great).

  3. Apple now know where to strike, I dare say while Google had a big temporary affect, the ban on American companies exporting their processors will give Apple the leading edge in photos, P.s Japan won't want to sell to China either. #Googlestadia will also be very very important as we know advance into 5G globally Google stadia will be very effective, so rip Chinese companies! 🇺🇸No.1

  4. My brother in law works for a mobile infrastructure installation company here in the UK 🇬🇧 He has told me that everything installed in the UK 🇬🇧 is supplied by Huawei. Every single component.

  5. I ain't going to sell my Huawei phone, why would I do that? Because trump said their spying, this is my problem, my choice. Now people are buying what trump wants, I don't think they are afraid of being spied, they have posted all their lives on Facebook, Instagram. I need to open a damn page, no need for expensive devices. National threat, chinese people are in all your state departments, in you're companies but they need a phone to spy on you, really now!

  6. first. detain daughter on fraud allegation. and force extradition to us from canada (during deal signing with Presiden Xi)
    then. put huawei on entity list a moment before resuming trade negotiation.
    now. route all mail for huawei (and overseas office) to US.

    i mean. is US over paranoia or overestimate what hua wei can do?

  7. “Huawei is dangerous for security and military standpoint” but then suddenly a trade deal can bring huawei back? Then its just a excuse to use huawei ban as leverage for a better deal for himself.
    If it is a true security issue, there should be no deals.

  8. Who care with google… Never even open my email for decade… Game, aplication. Most can download from other source… As long huawei keep develope nice phone. I will still choose it. Who care google asshole or america ban. I didn't live in america…

  9. in response the "WORLD" should ban Apple products – America (Trump) is just going a little too overboard with his strong arm tactics. Its fine for them to spy on everyone (pot calling the kettle black)

  10. What would you know about trade wars? I very much dislike Trump, a lot, but I see the big picture. Too bad snobs like yourself have no clue about economics. Stick to reviewing phones, maybe you'll still have a job a few months from now.

  11. Trump is completely mad..he does understand anything about world government and United States dependence on the world market..I understand that people wanted the Clinton's out I get that…but in reality Trump has destroyed any creditability the world had for the united states..I hope that the next president will understand world trade..

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