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Delicious – Emily’s True Love: The Movie (English)

A year after Emily opens her own restaurant, business continues to boom though her personal life is completely non-existent. Shades of promise appear when she receives a rose, but she is too shy to act on it. Then one day an old love letter from a summer romance arrives that turns Emily’s world upside down. Will she act upon either of these to find her true love?

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Chapter 1: Emily’s Place: 00:00:05
Chapter 2: Carmen’s Comedor: 00:18:41
Chapter 3: Fresco’s Diner Express: 00:32:59
Chapter 4: Chez Jean-Paul: 00:47:25
Chapter 6: Francois’ Place: 01:02:41
Chapter 5: Emily’s return: 01:12:43

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  2. Omg. I didn't expect to find this video. I couldn't afford the game and was left hanging at Emily's place. Thanks for this. I get to watch the story ❤

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