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  1. if only there was a pocket sized device you could record audio and video on rather than have to go through the arduous task of turning a camera on at home to record yourself shoving food in your face

  2. I find it very despicable how you all make fun of this poor man's illness.

    Phil is suffering from a very rare form of ABD (Acidic Blood Disorder), that cannot be cured or treated in any way and which he has absolutely NO control over. He even went to see a specialist, who told him that his ABD can not be cured. Actually that is not true. This is what the doctor said: "Phil … *snort* … The only thing that can cure your ABD is fresh Oklahoma air OR a very expensive operation that costs about 30.000 dollar and has only a 5% chance of actually doing anything".

    So what is Phil supposed to do now? He needs our help, so that he can move to Oklahoma. Luckily for Phil, he found a house that looks EXACTLY like his house. Even the rooms look identical. So he only needs 30.000 dollar for the move to Oklahoma, but once he's there, he can set up his stuff just like he did now and you guys and girls won't notice any difference.

  3. “I don’t eat fast food. It’s something that I won’t have in a very long time” you mean in like 4 hours when your horse of a wife regurgitates it’s sliders into your old disgusting freshman facial hair beard surrounded by your quad wrinkle chin

  4. Sitting up a camera , describing what he's eating is such hard , tiring work. This is why Phil continues to fail basically . He doesn't want to put the effort into anything and demands maximum reward.

  5. There is an important, interesting character in the A Song of Ice and Fire book series called Doran Martell and my mental image of the character is now DSP due to him suffering from extreme gout…

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