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  1. Why is everyone bashing on Suzy here…n also to kindly remind those people who were bashing Suzy that she acts as if she's the only female idol who doesn't care about her image- "SHE DIDN'T SAy ANYTHING ABOUT BEING THE ONLY IDOL WHO IGNORES HER IMAGE" IT'S THE PEOPLE WHO WERE CLAIMING SUCH TALKS" she was invited on RM n it was the fanboys who chose her not she who chose them okay! here its the baseball player himself who said he is her fan not Suzy mind u guys!basically She works hard and the result is as you saw – fame, fanboys and variety shows (invitation)😡 she never said she works the hardest or anything so stop bashing her without any proofs lo!!! its better to bash somewhere else n to someone worth bashing, alright!

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