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COUPLE REACTS – Counterparts “Wings Of Nightmares” – REACTION / REVIEW

METALBABE and I will reacting and reviewing to Counterparts “Wings of Nightmares” off the album Nothing Left to Love. Do you guys agree or disagree with our thoughts?

SONG REQUESTS? Please leave a comment below, we love hearing new shit.

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  1. react to suiciboys exodus, nightmare choir, i want to believe, war time all the time, ultimate suicide. Just do one of them

  2. I fucking LOVE counterparts. they fuse melodic hardcore and metalcore so well, though lately they’ve been leaning more towards the latter. check out burn by them

  3. THis is a great Counterparts song. I have always been on the fence with them until their last release with No Servant of Mine, and it made me dive into them and I actually had developed my taste to like hardcore more. Great single, and I'm looking forward to the LP.
    Check out Brand of Sacrifice – The Branded ; Above, Below – Labyrinth ; or Tallah – Placenta.

  4. What It Means To Be Defeated by Dayseeker is some good ol' post-hardcore that I love to listen to. It's a good one to try out.

  5. You NEED to listen to Bury Tomorrow! Melodic Metalcore band from Southampton, England. On their 5th album and working on their 6th. One of the most underrated and talented bands you’ll ever hear – somehow they sound better live! Your type of metal!

  6. Please react to Unlucky Morpheus-La voix du sang.
    A band from japan and the vocalist is so amazing!
    You will never be disappointed.

  7. Random fact about Counterparts drummer:
    Kyle is the best drummer in the whole world in the video game Rock Band. It is technically and physically impossible to beat him.
    Random fact about Brendan the vocalist: He and me have the same 3 favourite bands. The 1975, My Chemical Romance and The Used.

  8. NEW SUB HERE!! Many reaction channels are SLEEPING on DEMON HUNTER – THE NEGATIVE!!! it bangs and they have a SOLID FANBASE for over a decade PLZ BE THE FIRST REACTION CHANNEL TO DO IT!!!

  9. If you really digged this you might as well do an album reaction to You're Not You Anymore that album is banger after banger start to finish. Would love to see reactions to any of those songs, also Monument off the Private Room e.p. 🚫counterparts💛

  10. bored; few suggestions:
    Chamber – Every Blade // In Search of Truth // Skin
    Knocked Loose – Forget Your Name // Denied By Fate
    The Acacia Strain – Brown Noise // Whoa! Shut It Down
    Suicide Silence – Destruction of a Statue // Unanswered // No Pity For A Coward //
    Suffokate – The Skies Were Filled With Fire
    Counterparts – You're Not You Anymore // The Disconnect // Wither // Solace // Fragile Limbs
    Despised Icon – In the Arms of Perdition // The Ills of Modern Man // MVP
    Every Time I Die – Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space // Bored Stiff // Floater // Ebolarama
    Structures – Hyroplaning // "/" // In Pursuit Of
    After the Burial – Fingers Like Daggers
    Underneath the Gun – Discordant
    Animosity – Thieves
    From A Second Story Window – I Tried Voodoo Once
    Sanction – Radial Lacerations
    American Me -Attribute Of the Strong // Columbian Neck Tie
    Remembering Never – White Devil // Please Don't Let My Mother Read This //
    Misery Signals – The Year Summer Ended in June // In Summary of What I Am

  11. Counterparts is one of my favorite bands of all time. I've seen them so many times and their live shows are incredible. So melodic and emotional. I know you already reacted to casey but if you want more passionate hardcore check out little bird by casey

  12. I know you guys are in to heavy stuff, but at least give Jon Gomm Passionflower a chance.
    Cause if you like guitar, you’ll love him

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