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Cheap vs Expensive: NO.1 DT28 Review and Huawei Watch GT

✔️ DR NO.1 DT28 Smartwatch:
✔️ Huawei Watch GT:
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In this review I will present you the DT28 after a few weeks of usage.
The model DT28 is rather cheap but gives you a lot of great features for the modest amount of around 30-35 dollars. I’d like to say upfront that the watch is good, with some remarks, and I can say that based on around 2 months of using it. In this video I will speak about the hardware, the features, and the real-life performance.
Note that putting them side by side is not done with the idea to claim that DT28 is better – I just want to show you the difference in terms of quality, features and software.
Focusing on the DT28 first – it arrives in a good pack, which in fact is a well known signature of the company number one.
Inside the box – there’s the watch, with the user manual, and the charging cable.
I liked the specs: good chipset, which cam measure even blood pressure and EGC, waterproof for swimming, 1,54 inch display and battery capacity of 230mah.
I need to underline that battery life in my case surprisingly was better than what the specifications are claiming, and I managed to reach almost 3 weeks on a single charge with notifications on and sync all the time.
The software is also on a good level – the display is touch and this gives you a lot of good features. Swipe down to get the quick settings, swipe right to access the notifications, swipe left for measuring your pulse. If you swipe up – you will reach the menus. I was expecting one of the buttons to be programmed to get to the menus – but the top one is for switching on and off the screen or returning to home, and the bottom button is returning to home too… A kind of … weird.
The EGC – looks like it does something, but how accurately – perhaps this feature is mostly here for marketing purposes. The blood pressure sensor is also not accurate – I do have the feeling that these values are somehow hard-coded in the firmware, and measuring bloodpressure for less than 15 seconds can anyways never be trustworthy.
Few words about the app – it is called Fundo. Something that is used for a lot of smartwatches and is OK. Not the best kind of design, but has a lot of good features.
The main issue with this app is that if you don’t synchronize each day, the watch doesn’t seem to be able to keep track of your activities for more than 24 hours.
If you want to learn more about the Health app by Huawei – I once again encourage you to check the full watch GT video and get all the details you need.
And I am leaving the final verdict to you – let me know in the comments what you think of it.
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  1. I've had the watch for a few days now, i play pickle-ball quite frequently, lots of cardio..when i take my pulse just after playing a round, it is definitely not accurate nor is my blood pressure, I would not recommend it, I've written the seller a time or two and still no reply, I also did not get a manual with the watch, i only received a narrow paper with Chinese on one side and English on the other with very little information, just a quick set up. just my review on this watch. good luck all

  2. I got mine yesterday. Dt28.Very nice. There are only a few questions.

    1. I get a Whatsap message (that's most important to me) Why is the The font so small? How can I increase it?
    In addition to half the place of the message I get ״PpAsta hW and this leaves only one or two words at the beginning of the message.

    2. I was looking in the appellation that I received fundo. and The font+״PpAsta hW״ can not be changed.
    Can I use another app?

    3. Does another app have the option How long will the screen light up during an incoming alert

  3. Nigel Keatley
    About the no.1 dt28

    Would appreciate help. Can anyone check in the settings Can I receive alerts in Hebrew? "עברית". A few more questions. Does the battery really last more than a week? As for incoming messages, is it easy to read? Is the lighting time enough or shut down quickly when you receive a message?

  4. I just checked your socialblade and you are predicted to hit 1 million subscribers in 4 years!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  5. как можа да направиш ревю на тоз боклук, освен да мери сравнително вярно пулса и часа естествено, всичко друго е зле, казвам го от собствен опит, вярно че е евтин, но по добре да го нямаш

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