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Charles And Alyssa (Exposed) False Strike & Mistreating Snake

Youtubers Charles & Alyssa have been exposed for mistreating a snake and abusing Youtube’s copyright system to silence another creator. 🙅

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20 People reacted on this

  1. Here we are my lovely REPSQUAD lets raise awareness today and stop people from abusing the copyright system as it make every youtuber's job that much more difficult. 😍💜 Q&A on Instagram! road to 15k followers! –

  2. Let’s try our best end ALL animal cruelty, including cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits, etc who are killed every day just because people think they “taste good”! Animals that feel pain and fear and don’t want to die or be born just to suffer 💔

  3. Quite honestly I dont mind that people dont like snakes, before I started keeping reptiles I was scared of them too! Using a innocent animal as a prop for a prank is a disgusting act that has no excuse what so ever. That snake was a ball python, one of the most beginner friendly and absolute puppy dogs of the snake world (I own three personally, on of which was a PetSmart rescue) and doing that to a snake is completley horrid. A new snake can take awhile to adjust depending on age, usually 1-2 weeks of minimal contact to let them adjust because guess what, one of the number one causes of snake deaths in captivity is stress. Not to mention they both were afraid, and in freaking out they could have easily hurt the creature by stepping on it, and in that state of terror it could have bit one of them. The bite wouldnt have hurt from a snake that size, but the first time you get bit is always a shock, and in that shock they could have dropped the snake. This was a very dumb choice and I sincerely hope that snake finds a good home and this mistreatment doesnt cause a distrust of humans in its future.

  4. You're exposing Charles and Alyssa.
    You're using them for views 2 man and if they used a snake 4 views how is that bad he didn't harm it . Everyone uses anything 4 views all the TV shows use people and some TV shows have pets in it so what's the difference between YouTubers and Any other TV shows that use animals 4 views?
    Society is hopeless.

  5. I’m only a 1.41 in an already I’m mad….snakes are not toys or props!😡 imagine if they had done that to a puppy or kitten…..poor things thinking they finally got a forever home then just to be taken back….it’s just….no. 😡
    Ppl like that are trash for doing ANYTHING for views. F***ing pathetic.😡

  6. Hey!! Awesome!!
    This honestly made me SO happy when I awoke to see this in my notifications!!
    And made me so happy to watch this video.
    Thank you SO much for looking into it & covering this, with all my heart, I appreciate it!!
    Like you said, it involves two VERY serious issues.
    The abuse of YouTube copy-strike system,
    AND mistreatment of animals. (Along with lack of awareness/information.)
    I do agree, many times, ppl aren't purposely being malicious or purposely harming & mistreating animals. They often ARE, as you said, just ignorant/uninformed, etc.
    Which is one of the reasons why spreading awareness, informing & educating on these issues, is SO SO SO important. And why I feel Officer Paw Patrol & his channel & videos are so important & a really positive thing.
    So crappy to abuse the strike system to remove a video made by a person who is educating & informing.
    I was really hoping you would cover this. Since I know you often do cover animal related issues, so I mentioned it to you cuz I felt that there was a strong possibility you would look into it, & you proved me right!
    (You were actually the first person I thought of when this was happening.
    I immediately thought, that I needed to mention it to you.)
    So, thanks again.
    Will be interesting to see what happens next.
    But either way, it's GREAT that, because of you, this got lots more exposure & many more eyes will be on them! & Hopefully, some more support on behalf of Officer Paw Patrol, his content, & getting the strike removed.
    Thanks, again!! For covering this & for being an advocate & ally to the animals & the animal welfare community!! 😻😻😻😻

  7. Even in the store it’s not being cared for right. Ughhhhh I hate peopllllle. Why would you do this to an animal, especially a baby which is much more scared and fragile.

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