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Chaeyeon's Dance Instruction~ "It's like you're seeking for treasure" [E-news Exclusive Ep 104]

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27 People reacted on this

  1. WHO KNOWS CHAEYEON IS ONE OF THAT TOP TRAINEE but PD ruin 😁 feel sorry for the others

  2. I love Chaeyeon so much like i want to protect her to this dangerous world and give her my heart and i would cry in happiness not in pain

  3. You guys put Chaeyeon dance as title but so dissappointed because theres only 20 secs of Chaeyeon dance. Easy way to gain viewers right

  4. 1:42 I like that Chaeyeon didn't point at anyone else. When you know you're the best, and everyone else knows it too…no need for false modesty. OWN IT GIRL.

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