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  1. James Zabiela was doing all the tricks and other crazy stuff without any SYNC buttons or slip modes on CDJ1000s ..just saying.

  2. I have never touched any dj equipment before and I was lucky to get my hands on a nexus 2 set while at work. After an hour fooling around I was mixing and I’m sure it wasn’t bad. The sync feature is amazing and so easy to use. Can’t wait for next week because I will get another shot. I love it!

  3. They def paid Luke to say he likes the sync button. Laidback Luke is pretty against using that. I have nothing against it, i just prefer not to… the Nexus 1 was the first player to have this feature so they needed to promote it…

  4. I'm still a technics vinyl purist, I began deejaying in the late 80s and it was hard work learning turntables, still learning by the way. Will always love vinyl its a great passion to me but these pioneer cdj2000s are amazing technology! As soon as I can afford it I'm getting a pair.

  5. I wish to see female colleagues and musicians being interviewed as well. Please be a part of the game change as well, Pioneer.

  6. Pioneer please make a option for the jog wheels to move in time with the beats. Since it's circle form it would be very natural and easy way to beat lock. So at 12 o'clock it's start of the bar, at 3 o'clock it's 1/4, at 6 o'clock it's 2/4 and so on.

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