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RJ from a rich family? KOYA with a special leaf? SHOOKY at a bakery?
Wanna know what these are all about?
EP.01 of BT21_UNIVERSE starts today!

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  1. I’m sitting in the Line store in Itaewon right now and this is on but I can understand the Korean subtitles😂😂

  2. Rm: so our children bt21 are growing very well

    Jungkook: But they don’t have a future

    He took it 0 to 100 really quick I can’t 😂💀

  3. RM: right now our children BT21 are growing very well.
    Jin: you're right .
    Jk:but they don't have future .
    Me :what the hell kook 😆😆

  4. Suga: …so..this little handsome guy SHOOKY
    Literally, LOVE YOURSELF promotion.
    That's why Suga is my wrecker 😂😂

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