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Bose Frames Review: The Headphones of the Future Are… Sunglasses | WSJ

The problem with headphones is that they’re headphones. Bose’s answer is a pair of sunglasses that projects audio into your ears, and use sensors to do some really cool things like audible navigation, as WSJ’s David Pierce demonstrates. Photo/Video: Emily Prauolenis/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. I’ve had a pair of these for a few months now. Great sound. Surprisingly little sound leakage. Only two styles and the Rondo are slightly narrower across the bridge so for those of you with a narrow ish nose you’ll either only have the option of the round frames or, as I did as I didn’t like them, you’ll need to buy some stick on nose pads to stop the Altos slipping off.
    Although I really like these glasses I honestly couldn’t recommend them as the charging cable is unique to the glasses. Lose it and the glasses are just an expensive and chunky pair of well, sunglasses. Bose should sell extra leads but they don’t so you have to go via customer services and we all know how much fun that usually is.
    A silly choice and a USB port for charging would have made these an ideal buy.

  2. I was doubtful about how often I use it but bought it anyway to do a short YT review. Turns out Iike it a lot more than I thought and am using it almost every morning on the commute to work! There is something to be said about freedom of having something in the ears! Good points David!

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