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  1. when i was young, i remember that i save the key to continue the game in the next day. I remember a code that i entre and give the stage 1A . and in place of getting tools,i get a part of bomb picture in stage 1A to 10A , after 10A i get stage 1B. i don't know if someone here gets the same experience!! unfortunately i lost the save code

  2. I still remember when i decided to play this game to completion…just like bubble bobble,i never tought it was going to be so long.

  3. lol once you reached Stage 30 and get the Flame Immunity powerup, you're pretty much sweep through the rest of the stages. XD

    Unless you make silly mistake and get killed by enemies.

  4. and his powers grew as everybody else watched… finally he became a suicide bomber who couldn't commit suicide by bombs

  5. I played this when I was 7, I had an afternoon free from school and was alone at home. Finished it in one go, and god I remember the ptsd from that soundtrack 😅

  6. After beating 51 levels, Bomber Man became a Lode Runner.
    And if you beat 51 rounds, Lode Runner will become a Blade Runner.

  7. 1st: extended blast length
    2nd: multiple bombs
    3rd: manual & fast detonate
    4th: fast runner
    5th: running through bombs
    6th: running through the walls

  8. 3단계 원격폭탄 먹으면 먹은후부터 갈수록 쉬워지는게임
    초4때 3시간동안 이것만하다 팔빠질번

  9. I completed all the levels in this game and im proud of myself. I was only a kid. I felt like that cat meme

  10. 1面は、2LIFE犠牲にしてパワーアップアイテム(火力アップ)を2つ取ると楽になる。

  11. Me acuerdo que habia un bug o glitch que te permitía explotar las bombas infinitamente alrededor del cuerpo… pero si dejabas de apretar los botones entonces morias xdd

  12. My first experience with this game was when I initially received a Famiclone (I obviously had no idea what that was) at age 4 or so. That thing had 6 other obscure NES titles (Mappy, Pinball, etc.) and I sucked at just about all of them. Good times.

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