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Hello and welcome to yet another Minecraft video!
Want to know a few tricks to get the most FPS out of Minecraft, without having to install anything? I’ll show you the perfect settings for the highest FPS in Minecraft. Using these settings will give you a huge FPS boost. Some settings are typically overlooked, because people think they don’t affect performance, whilst in reality, they almost always do!

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  1. This is great. I went from 30 – 60 fps to 120 to 140… I LOVE IT! The only problem I have is that my minecraft looks kinda tacky but i could just get an fps pack to fix the render distance. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  2. I have tryed fullscreen resolution and I did something bad and now I can't join to minecraft it just says like do 1600×900 resolution but my resolution already was 1600×900. If anyone knows how to help me please tell me!

  3. Best ways to get higher performance:

    Avoid turning on shader packs

    Use your built-in optimisation software if you have any.

    Keep the Graphics down.

    Don’t turn on big mod packs/resource packs

    Don’t make your render distance too far

    Turn your max frame rate to unlimited.

    Turn the resolution down

    Download a low resolution texture pack

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