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Beo monkey’s new clothes.

Monkey Beo was sewed by his mother for new clothes, he looked very mischievous in his new clothes, Monkey Beo was out of diapers and his mother invented it for Beo monkey with a very funny look but also very okay, please Please watch the video for more details.
Hello dear, because I have encountered some problems of the old channel Monkey Beo so I will switch to the new channel and end the old channel within a few weeks.
This is my new channel (Monkey Beo Family), videos that describe the daily life of a monkey (Beo). Beo lives and operates like everyone and we always love, care for and protect it
If you are interested or interested, click subscribe to the channel to watch more videos, thank you very much

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  1. ฉันเขียนไม่ได้อ่านไม่ออกแต่ฉันชอบดูเพราะว่าเขาน่ารักคนเลี้ยงนิสัยก็อ่อนโยนชอบๆ

  2. Non BEO n'est ni very nice ni cute avec ces vêtements, c"est un bébé singe que cette femme déguise avec ces ridicules vêtements…..
    se n'est pas un jouet, ni une poupée ni un animal de compagnie c'est un animal sauvage qui est privé de sa liberté et qui serait très heureux de vivre dans sa forêt et dans les arbres…..

  3. Would you please tell me how large he will grow? Is he a macaque? Someone told me they get very large so I am wondering what you do then since they can't be released outside with other monkeys. Thank you.

  4. como puedo conseguir uno me dejaron tenerlo aquí en México o cómo es conozco todo esto por favor alguien que me asesoré

  5. DEUS te abençoe mais e mais….🤩🤩♥️♥️🥀🥀😀🐆🐆🐆🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🐆🐆🐆Brasil 🐆🐆🇧🇷🇧🇷🐆🐆

  6. 엄마 없는 원숭이 새끼를 잘 키우는 엄마들을 보면 고맙고 좋은일 하는 정성이 감동을 주고있서요! 내 자식 키우듯시 보기가 좋아요 ! 복 많이 받드세요 ! 재미있게 보고 있서요 ! 감사합니다 건강하세요!

  7. Quần áo đó để từ thiện cho trẻ em miền núi còn có ý nghĩa hơn đấy còn con đấy để mà nấu cao cho bố mày gâm rượu uống mà dưỡng già

  8. She beats this animal with a wooden stick! Watch her others videos to see. She slaps it for moving while it ate.i couldn't believe it either. Till I seen it!

  9. Not interested in people who dress monkeys up like dolls. This is a form of cruelty in itself and shows the owners treat these animals as playthings to entertain themselves with no real regard for the animals needs.

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